Are humans the best race choice?

I am starting a hunter soon but I am trying to decide which race I want to be. I want to do a night elf but I feel like the Human Racial is to good to pass up on. I like to pvp but I am not a hardcore one. I am pretty stuck on what I want to do and would like to hear from people what they think about it.
If PvP - Human.

Unless you don't like humans, they pick whatever you want.
I already have a few humans and I don't mind them. I just like the jumping aspect of the nightelf and the animations of the hunter compared to the animations of the human hunter
Then go with the night elf. Shadowmeld is good for PvP too.
Can always roll human and pick up a Kalytha's Haunted Locket or Leyara's Locket. Best of both worlds.
In my opinion the human racial is losing usefulness or at least it's not nearly as depended upon as it once was.

Shadowmeld however has always been useful and I depend on it in pvp now more than ever. It feels SOOOOO good to eat right in front of a iceblocked mage because I shadowmelded the moment he hit iceblock (breaking me from combat)

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