Game Time renewed but account inactive - 5/12

Customer Support
Hey all,

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of an issue where recently renewed accounts are not recognizing the addition of game time and allowing full access. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible though we do not currently have an estimated time on when the issue will be resolved.

We'll provide what updates we can as soon as we have more information.
thnx sir you are a saint
Thank you.

But this is like the 3rd time in a row I've done a character service/resub on a day where something goes wrong.

murphy's law for me. The day I get a little time to play wow is the same day this happens. Dame you murphy's law!.
Raid started w/out me :(
Aye, Just spent gold to log in and will not allow me to play. Says I need an active subscription to play characters passed level 20.
05/12/2015 07:57 PMPosted by Adamsmith
murphy's law for me. The day I get a little time to play wow is the same day this happens. Dame you murphy's law!.

I feel your pain my friend, hopefully it will be fixed soon!
Same here @Adamsmith! was looking forward to this all day
Haha in the same boat, Limited time to play.
I'm able to log in and play now. Took about 10mins after buying time with gold for this to kick in
Same problem here. Guess they already have my money for the xpac and a month of time but not off to a great start with someone coming back after a few years....
Thanks for the update, sorry I did not see this earlier, else I would have noted it here. But again thanks for the information.
jesus thank you.. i just renewed and wanted to take the edge off in Battleground... atleast i know you guys are on top of it, ty
Ticket with screen caps submitted.
Blarg, Same issue here... Just resubbed after a few months paid for 6 months... kinda wishing I hadn't now though :(
Well, while I'm waiting guess I'll make a new toon hopefully it'll be fixed soon. At least the devs are aware andworking on it tho! :)
Characters are now active.

Seems to be fixed for me.

Took about 20 mins.
Fixed just a minute ago
Hopefully it fixes quickly, I just want to be able to post on the forums :S I don't care about logging in lol

Edit: Fixed for me <3
Not for me. All will be ok though if I find the new Mystic Runesaber mount in my mail box tomorrow. :)

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