Game Time renewed but account inactive - 5/12

Customer Support
its not fixxed 4 me :( ?
Nothing for me yet either D:, guess my race change will have to wait will tomorrow.
im still in the ignored list... waiting on that fix.
Still no fix for me :(
+1 more not fixed
Hey folks, can you please try logging out and back in once more for me? Let me know if you are successful or not.
I just did..same issue.
Just tried after trying it several times. Still nothing.
I am still unable to play. The game just does not like me...
I retract my previous statement. I am all good again.

Thanks for the help!
Good now.
Woohoo! fixed! thanks Vrakthris!
Excellent. Thanks everyone.

If you are still experiencing this issue please try resetting your password. Forcing the account to refresh should help.


How's my driving? Click me.
it isn't working for me still :-/
same unfortunately
umm its still not working for me even after the password reset.
I come back from not playing for 6-12 months and this is my welcome back present. Been waiting 2 hours now.
If a password reset doesn't work it may be necessary to contact our Support staff to see if we can give the account a nudge.

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