GCDTV - 6v6 WSG - Wednesday Community Day!

We are excited to announce that this Wednesday we will be trying something new! At 9:00PM EST / 6:00PM PST we will be hosting a mini 6v6 WSG Tournament!

All Games will be streamed at Twitch.tv/GCDTV with Live commentary!

Wednesday 5/13 @ 9:00 P.M. EST / 6:00 P.M. PST

    Each team is allowed 6 Players, 2 Healers, 1 Tank.
    Composition changes are prohibited.
    PvE Gear is not allowed.
    Each team will be given 10 minutes in TOTAL of Delay time.
    All games will be played on WSG.
    In the event of a tie neither team will be victorious.
    Teams that abuse glitches, hacks, or anything else that can be deemed as “cheating” will be DQ’d.


1st - $100 USD

To Sign up:

There is no rating requirement - sign ups are first come first serve.
Max of 4 teams!

If we don't receive enough sign ups we will fill the remaining spots with viewers / Subscribers from chat!
Is the 2400+ rating still required for this one as well?
How do you even know this will work? Have you tested 5v5 WSG? Monks can port up and down never being touched with that number of players. You guys should have asked Bailamos, abn, or I before considering a 5v5 or at least asked us to test it.

decent idea but unfortunately won't work

edit: 6v6 sounds a lot better
i'm up for this RBG tournament ^.^
Really looking forward to this!
partys over
Format changed to 6v6!
make it 10v10 @Dmachine

encourage many of the strictly arena players to merge together their arena teams and compete in a large setting
I agree with ABN, but hey, some people have problems communicating with others and have problems organizing teams.
05/11/2015 06:56 PMPosted by Spacemandave
partys over

tell the rest of the crew
I'm super excited to see this! ^.^
Sounds like a cool idea. Can't wait to watch!
hey Desvin can you ban purpledino and blackdino for scripting? qued into him today while he was playing with a pilot, pilot+script+3k boomkin=fun
05/11/2015 08:18 PMPosted by Desvin
Sounds like a cool idea. Can't wait to watch!

See you in 3 to 4 months.

This confuses and frightens me.
Cool idea. Should be interesting to see how a smaller team based objective map plays out with 6 players.
Howdy Yall, I am looking forward to some good Ball Games.

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