Cool Outland pets?

My hunter is in Outlands and his pet sucks. Anyone know of sweet tameable pets in Outlands?
A lot of the Blade's edge mobs have really great skins - raptors, windserpents and ravagers come to mind. But yeah, in general, Outland has a lot of great pets. The ramps wolf has always been a favorite of mine.
Thank ya:D
Be cool and tame one of those damnable hellboars. Wanted one of those since BC and they weren't able to be tamed until Cata.
Yep, I have been wanting a Hellboar sine the first time I saw one. If you look at my pets, Bacon was tamed from Shadowmoon Valley and is a wonderful solo tank pet.

For raids I use kitten who is a runed demon dog I got from Zul'Drak in Northrend.

For PvP I use a Monkey I got from deamines. Something special about a pet throwing poo in the enemies eyes and blinding them for 4 seconds.

But Outlands specific the Hellboar and Ravagers are some of the cooler pets.

The Hellboar from Shadowmoon is my favorite skin. But the Quillfang Skitterers in Green and Purple are pretty sweet as well, I just no longer have one. The Coilscar Cobras in Shadowmoon are pretty sweet as well. Not many people sporting Cobras anymore. The Sunblade Dragonhawks from Sunwell are great pets. I wish I'd have never released mine.

yeah Spikey Porkies! I have the spikey red and yellow Spider model from blades edge. he looks nasty bad ass
Get Nuramoc, best looking chimera in game, but also a rare spawn.
If you're BM and in netherstorm, keep an eye out for Nuramoc too.

Fancy chimera.
I'm a little late to the game (four years late) but don't forget about Sporebats and Nether rays in Zangarmarsh and Netherstorm. Not sure if they are considered exotic but cool to check out
Yeah, and you've posted over 3 years after the previous poster. Is it too much to ask that people check the sodding time stamp?
It may be old, but still useful info...
Warp Stalkers!

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