[A] The Worst Recruitment (12/12)

Hello, our guild is looking to fill several gaps in our raid team as we move into 25 man from 10. We've progressed fairly well thus far, and intend to be clearing all of the current raid content relatively soon.

As of now, we're looking to pick up

  • Druid (R)

  • Shaman (R)

  • Mage

  • Warlock

  • We're also open to any other applicants. Keep in mind that you may be sat, and should be ready for that to happen. If you feel you are good enough to join us, don't hesitate to apply.

    To apply visit theworst.wowstead.com, if you have any questions feel free to post here or contact Raelton in game.
    Lightning....gitn wants to s your d...just sayin
    up, al'akir down

    edit: i think we need healers
    starting 25m this week, come apply and take my laggy ass our of the raid!
    Bump make it 12/12 now :)
    Grats on Nef Kill!
    *!!! yeeee
    I'd only consider joining if you handled loot with a loot council system. Only then would I consider joining your 25man to feed the 10man core. Where do I apply.
    I like these guys.
    25M starts this week, we've had a healthy number of applicants but statistically speaking most of them are horrible so don't hesitate to apply anyway.
    Thanks for the congrats!
    I didn't even know this post existed, but I like it!!!

    Edit: We're also recruiting warlocks, eleshamans and moonkins for main raiding spots.
    Yo we're pretty.
    you mean im pretty :)
    Grats dudes. Killing dargons is tough work... and Nef is really mean... :(

    1st night of 25mans, killed Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak and Atramedes. Chimaeron ~40%. All in all not too bad for the guilds 1st 25man. Still recruiting casters and healers!

    Edit: Didn't go to BoT or Four Winds yet, just to clarify :P.

    needs the heals

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