<Weekend Raiders> 25M 1/8HM (8/8 Reg) LFM!

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Who we are

Weekend Raiders established rather recently in the early months of ICC. Many of our core members are from top guilds on Stormrage and other realms. We as a guild are focused on one main goal...downing end game content without WoW becoming a second job. The best way to describe us would be "casual-hardcore". Despite the fact we only raid 6 hours a week we maintain a healthy ratio of progression for time invested. If you are looking for a guild without it consuming your life then Weekend Raiders may be for you. If you are wanting to raid 4 nights a week then WR is NOT the guild you're looking for.

Cataclysm Progression
T13: 1/8 HM (8/8 Reg) 25M
T12: 1/7 HM (7/7 Reg) 25M
T11: 3/13 HM (12/12 Reg) 25M

Wotlk Progression
ICC25m 9/12 HM
ICC10m 11/12 HM (have drakes)

Raid Times

Friday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm EST
Sunday: 7:00pm - 9:30pm EST

Recruitment needs

Ret Pally
DPS Warrior
Ele Shaman
Resto Shaman (w/ DPS OS)

Accepting all applicants with exceptional apps

How to Apply

Visit our website and fill out an application: http://weekendraiders.org/

You may also talk with an officer in game

Officers - Clemente, Kayaan, Kitsch, Putputmeese, Terc/Terck


Most of our members are working adults and as such we require all applicants be prepared for raid nights. This includes knowing your class, gearing up on off nights, reading strategies, boss fight videos, etc. We require all applicants be 18 years of age or above. This is stirctly enforced. Thank you for considering Weekend Raiders.
Hi, i am a holy palladin who would love to have a core spot in your guild. I am currently on Spinebreaker but cant make most raid times on this server. I have been looking to transfer to an east coast server for awhile now and your raid times look great for me. I tried contacting an officer but no one was online. Also, i have been looking to try alliance for awhile now so switching to alliance and to your server wouldnt be a problem. I think I would be a good fit and would be a good addition to progress with you all. I am currently 2/12 having downed magmaw and omni the only time i ever got to raid with my guild, normally not being able to make times. Please reply or I will try to contact officers on your server again thanks.
Hey guys thx alot i appreciate the spot in your guild but i decided to stay horde on another server, but again thanks, you guys were really nice when i was talking to you.
added some new members, bump for new recruitment needs.
bump for new recruiting needs.
Cho'gall down, bump
al'akir down, bump
Need some good healers

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