Prot has 3sec CS/HoTR???????

Correct me if I'm wrong but do they? And if so, how? I didn't realize it till the other day when offspec'd to prot and did an instance. I looked over the talents, and unless i'm blind or just not understanding the tooltips I can see nothing that is supposed to reduce the CD. HoTR tooltip reads a 4.5sec CD, so what reduces it??
Simply put, Bllizz loves Prot and hates Ret.

More technically, though, it's a hidden perk of speccing Prot; they need to get that damage out sooner than Ret just so they can hold threat, and Ret's reliance on haste is, possibly, an attempt to rein in our threat. More the former about Prot needing it to hold aggro, though, I believe.
HotR and CS are on fixed 3sec CD for prot. They cannot be effected my haste too. the main reason I think for this is that CS/HotR is the only real source of HP for a prot pally. Specced Divine plea and Pursuit of justice can provide some occasionally but account for very little.

A ret pally makes power off thier CS, pursuit of justice helps, AND have a talent that make a bunch of thier move have the chance to generate HP. base 3 sec CS from ret would be OP in terms of HP generation.

I would trade divine purpose for a 3 sec baseline CS anyday, but thats just MO. But thanks for the info guys.

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