Hurricane Trinket for RET pvp?

what do you guys think? I am debating between TB one, Hurricane trinket, or the pvp res str proc one to go along with the clicky pvp trinket....what have you read or what do you guys think? I can't seem to find the information anywhere on the rankings of them...
TB one? I assume that is the Impatience of Youth? That gives mastery as passive and strength on use. If you meant that, I would NOT recommend that, mastery is not very important to a prot paly in PvP. Sure, it helps your block rating, but that doesn't affect spells and it doesn't affect attacks made behind you.

So that leaves us with the Hurricane trinket or the str proc trinket. Obviously the difference here is whether you want more offense or defense. PERSONALLY I would go with resil/str, as a prot paly is going to be the one that has incredibly high mitigation in pvp, so you should play into that. You could also argue that you already have enough, though, and desire the Hurricane's a tough call, you'd really have to number-crunch to determine which is better. There's probably not a huge difference.
Ask yourself, do I get focused a lot in arena matches?

If you answer yes, then resil (lolwarriors) and if not go the hurricane
Fuzzy thanks for the reply....funny that you did though being that I have been checking your stats and talents to help figure out what i want this guy to do.....another question for you if I may.....i started to run the same comp as you in 2s with my RL friend frost you use Truth or Justice primarly? reason i ask is due to truth breaking sheep.

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