Shattered Hand
Im thinking none of you ever knew the Original Copperfield....

O RLY? I found him.
06/15/2012 12:34 AMPosted by Malacath I found him.

Oh hey! He's still alive!
I miss those gnome BBQ's of 8 years past...
Oh snap, It's Tigerlady!
Holy !@#$ max achievements and nearly 100 feats of strength. Someone has been busy.
Bah i hope he's gone for good
Not sure where the actual person is but I was able to snag his name from a stupid GM before I stopped playing a long time ago. His name currently resides on my old inactive account in a guild I made on this server.

note: current leader of that guild is not me, it's a close friend.
Lots of old names here... I found him.

Oh hey! He's still alive!

Sherlock Holmes figures it out! :) <3

P.S. i want those re-duels Lion. PRONTO
09/11/2012 11:24 AMPosted by Serdazar
Bah i hope he's gone for good

hes never gone for good. his spirit lives on.
HWL Nightdemon reporting in
You're still alive!
Indeed I am my good friend Joobie

-Olizzy / Fugi

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