Arms Warrior PvP Rotation?

Im having trouble figuring our what abilities to use and when while in BGs, arena and duels is there a certain order/ method that i should use?
I am not 100% sure but i would think its


rend gets the OP to be set up CS for the debuff HS every cool down. MS first so your next HS or OP gets the 30% more dmg.

Use CS any chance you get even if OP or MS is up. In pvp 1v1 you should not have to put rend back on.

In 2v2 arenas you will need to watch rend cool down if the fight goes on a long time.
Can anyone verify this?
Breaking PvP down into a general set rotation kind of defeats the purpose of fighting against other people.
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Breaking PvP down into a general set rotation kind of defeats the purpose of fighting against other people.
I find myself just randomly mashing buttons after doing my standard opener and I really have no clue what to do

It depends on what classes you're fighting with, and knowing/2ndguessing what they're about do next would help.

i'll just state a few rough examples:

Vs Rogue (usually they open up on you 1st)
Rend(to prevent vanish) > Throwdown > CS > MS > OP > HS > Intimdiating shout > Def Stance > Disarm(you will get blinded next) > Trinket > charge/intercept(whichever) > MS > OP > HS etc etc

Vs Mage
Charge > Rend(they will blink next) > Def Stance > Spell reflect(usually a deep freeze inc)> battle stance > OP > Throwdown > MS > HS(incoming Frost Nova next) > Bladestorm out of it > save your trinket for the next deep freeze > etc etc

Vs Ret Pally
Charge > Rend > OP(if you are fast/not lagging) > Def Stance > Spell Reflect (usually a panicky pally will pop Hammer of Justice here)> Battle stance > MS > OP/HS > Def Stance (they would have woken up by now and pop wings, if available)> Disarm > Shield Wall and eat those hammers > Battle Stance > etc etc

just a couple easy examples.
lol pvp rotation. Here's your main pvp rotation:
1) Use skills to get and stay in range of target
2) Use skills to interupt if target is casting something bad
3) Use skills to do damage
4) Use skills to reduce damage, get away or other variations of "not die" thoery.

Anyway, for #3 you want to have rend up so you can use overpower. Open with colosus smash, mortal strike, overpower, spam heroic strike when you have rage. In general you want to use overpower after ms (overpower has a +60% chance to crit, and ms gives it a 30%damage increase)
Sse colosus smash whenever it's up and you want to do damage, it's the main reason warriors damage is good.


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This is not pve you don't know what is going to happen to be able to plan out your rotation. You need to play allot of pvp and get used to how classes fight. Even then the person playing the class changes how that class works and you have to change what you do. Learn to adapt and adjust to things that happen. More you play the easier this will become and you will get better.
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Victory Rush

It's good times right now. Not quit this good, though.

We are not at the level of Protrets in LK.

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