Ganking in Hyjal

Shattered Hand
Hello everyone, haven't played much since I used to gank in Silithus way long ago.

Anyway, I will be ganking all horde in Hyjal for the next several weeks. And, like the Cyber Police or whatever that stupid Horde guild was called, if you bring 85s, they'll die too.

Such a champion.
I, for one, am completely terrified of said rogue. Oh wait, no I'm not.
PvP happening on a PvP server.

Nothing to see here, move along.
Poor Hyjal =(
welcome back zeus

Yer all sou hard kore guise! hao u sou bad @$$!???
Hey! I just ran into you, how exciting. You kept going after one of my chars until me, and a couple other level 80's murked you.

You're kind of lame :P
Thanks Gloomcookie! I don't recognize your name but I remember ganking myrmidons and stealing their silithus summons or wiping them.

Larkus, when there are 8 guys, yes, I might die once, but I got all those people tons of times. Haha, right now there are more 85s flying around me in Hyjal than there were lowbies to begin with.

I am amazing, and your guild name is correct.

P.S. I owned those Hellborn a ton of times!
You are amazing. <3 Im leveling a different alt in Hyjal if you wanna come hang out
I think this might qualify as a day late and a dollar short ... where were you when I was getting ganked repeatedly in Hyjal? Does this mean it will be safe now for me to bring up the next 80? Because quite frankly, I'm thinking about finishing out Northrend and doing dungeons to get the rest to 85. lol
im wondering if this is the tool me and a guildie killed both@ lvl 81?

Sorry Cassiopea, if it's any consolation, I don't save alliance getting ganked either. I would gank Alliance too if I could - it's so much fun!

Larkus! Sorry I couldn't camp you longer, flying mounts destroyed the world pvp in this game, at a minimum you should be able to be knocked off the flying mount.
My pallies in deepholm now if you still wanna chill
i come to read this @#** and this is what i see, redundancy.. almost as redundant as this reply..
I promote this and any other form of pvp.

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