{H} LBGT-Friendly 25m Hardcore Raiding 8/8 DS

Guild Recruitment
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Free bumb because you all seem funny and i like your post. :P
Needs more healing priests. Also, Kibr looks "fabulous" with his new staff. Lets see how he does with it next week.
We need everything. Apply if interested.
We need more peeps!
RLF>other guilds
Up up up
I love heroic content. If you love heroic content, and we are looking for YOU, or you are an incredible player, apply.
app now, lego
What Bowme said.
Feel free to contact me in game if you want to talk in regards to recruitment! Otherwise please head over to our site and fill out an application, other than the weekends, you can expect a response in <24 hours.

Also remember, even if your class/spec isn't listed doesn't mean we won't want you. If you're interested, fill in an app anyways!
Fill out an app.
This is most certainly the time to fill out an application.
Updated and bumped
Indeed, it has been updated.
And now 4/7 HM!
#showtooltip Bump
/cast Bump
Nice macro. Works for me.
Woah, 5/7 Hard modes. Update.

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