Priest Glyphs

I've been searching around a lot of forums, and I've seen quite a few suggestion to glyphs, but with recent changes to priest glyphs, a lot of the suggestions seem too out of date.

I'd like to know which glyphs to choose, since I'll be hitting 50 quite soon, I have no idea, apart from the "fun" minor glyphs.

I'm currently Shadow/Disc specced, and intend to keep it that way, although I do realize Holy is the superior healing spec, or at least for now it is, I just can't play Holy, Disc is so ingrained into the way I play it's almost impossible to change it.

Assuming I hit 50 soon, what are some suggestions for glyphs I should buy?
I find disc to be a lot of fun too, despite it needing a lot of changes. I would recommend picking up Penance, PoH, and Barrier/PW:S/Renew for your prime glyphs. For major glyphs I would get Mass Dispel, Dispel Magic, and a glyph of your choosing.

I don't know much about what glyphs shadow uses, but hopefully this was helpful.
That's helpful. For now though I'll use the ones I can use. For instance Barrier/Mass Dispel aren't available at my level so I'll leave them for later. I also notice they are massively expensive (on my server).

I'm sure I'll have enough by the time I get to that level, but for now I have bought PW:S, Renew, Dispel Magic, and a couple more of my liking.

Though I do need help with Shadow glyphs, I'm at a total loss for those. Along with them also being expensive, I have no idea which one is useful, and which is not.
You should check out the stickies on the top of the priest board. I'll save you some trouble and tell you that it says shadow should be using Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadow Word: Death for your prime glyphs. For major glyphs use Fade, Spirit Tap, and a glyph of your choosing, though I would recommend Mass Dispel once you hit 85.
Oh, didn't realize they covered glyphs since the other two spec threads didn't cover them. Thanks once again.
Goholy's advice is pretty solid. If you start raiding at some point, you may want to trade Spirit Tap at the end game. The requirements to trigger it are pretty awful in a raid setting. It's great when you are soloing though.

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