Holy Paladin healing rotation

Ok healing heroic was a challange but 10 mans that take alot me tank damage are costing me larger heals and alot more mana. Is there a healing rotation that could help heal tank and keep me from burning larger heals? Also how much haste should i have ? small heals at 2.31 sec... Do i need more haste to lower this cast time?

Thanks for any input
Ok then what heal is mostly used and how are players working in holy flash and other instant cast?
If you look at my Recount for Healing done, my spell usage stats go:

Divine Light
Beacon of Light
Word of Glory
Holy Shock
Holy Light
Illuminated healing (or whatever the mastery is called)
other stuff

This, in no way, represents the number of times I cast those spells. In fact, I cast Divine Light half as many times as I Holy Shock or Word of Glory to be honest.

There is no "rotation". You want to build up holy power as much as you can, as fast as you can. You do this by using Holy Shock or Divine Light to heal, depending on how much mana you have and how much damage your target has taken.

Then, you have to cast Holy Light/Divine Light whenever appropriate to get those yummy Daybreak procs, which again tie in to Holy Power generation.

Get a feel for the synergy, and you'll get an intuitive idea about how the healing model works. No substitute for this, which you get from experience only, imo.
large amounts of tank damage = Divine Light
light damage = Holy Light
OH SH----- = FoL

Beacon the tank. Keep HS on CD, use the HP on WoG. gg.
Not much you can do other than continue to upgrade items, in a lot of fights there are periods of high burst damage which requires you to burn through your mana. Fights are designed to push us.

I did Halfus the other day and I think in the first part of that fight I went from 100% mana to 40% mana real fast but after that the damage dropped off and over the next few minutes I went from 40% to about 80% where I roughly hovered until the end of the fight.

From what I have experienced there are a few major factors.

Firstly, someone stuffs up (usually DPS) and they are taking way more damage than they should, this transfers from their mistake to the healer trying to fix it. There is some give in fights but if too many people stuff up then you wont be able to cope.

Secondly, the tanks are new to the fights and can't anticipate peak damage intake periods very well and often blow their damage mitigating abilities long after the !%%@ has hit the fan and do not mitigate as much damage as they could have. It is not really a fault, more a lack of experience.

It makes a huge difference judging with SoI, if you have enough spirit and take the talent you should not miss boss mobs, it costs about 1k mana and restores about 3.5k so 2.5k every time you can spare helps over a long fight, it also gives you haste with the talent.

Other than pop trinkets that boost mana recovery, like the one you have and popping mana pots there isn't a whole lot you can do other than co-ordinate well. These fights are designed to be done around the gear level you are at. So if you are struggling then you need to look at raid composition, how well geared others are, how they are executing, etc.

You should, however, try and focus on using the more mana efficient heals as much as humanly possible, look at your mods, try and find ones which anticipate the incoming healing on your targets, try and mitigate your overhealing as much as possible.

Ultimately, focus as much as possible on using/abusing Holy Power. That is making sure you Holy Shocking and make sure if you have to use FoL or DL it is the beacon target, and at 2 HP you Light of Dawn if you can hit at least 3 people or just go with WoG.

Healers also struggle with the Cataclysm mindset. Every person doesn't need to be at 100% health, especially if they are not screwing up. You need to focus on what you need to keep people alive rather than what you need to keep people at 100%. A lot of other healers have passive healing be it totems or proc effects from druids, etc, you should only heal a dps to keep them alive, let passive abilities do as much of the work as possible. Make sure you can see if HoTs are on the target you are healing.

The problem with Haste is it increases HPS at the expense of mana, so if you have mana issues more haste will make matter worse. Crit increases HPS (not as much) but it doesn't cost mana.

Our mastery as far as I can tell is complete garbage. I am not sure if our damage logs are 100% correct, but if it is then a single lay on hands did about as much as Mastery did, which wasn't a whole lot.

Also, check the make-up of your raid, some fights are just brutal on melee dps or if you lack certain damage capability, be it ranged or AE, etc. This whole bring the player and not the class is complete garbage. Some fights are just near on impossible depending on the makeup with starter raid gear.
In reply to your question about Haste.

You really want to stack Haste to a point where you are comfortable with. Usually you want haste to get your Divine Light down to about a 2sec cast. Haste of course is great when it comes to Holy Radiance. You yourself playing your character will feel and know what is right I think.

Rotation wise...well there is no rotation as mentioned before. In essence what you are doing is being very selective with your spells. Knowing what to use when and what not to use makes the difference between being at 50% mana 2 mins into a fight or being at 80% mana. Our mastery is garbage to be frank. But what we do have are 2 heals which do not cost any mana and are only useful at 3 Holy Power. You want to take full advantage of these heals given the fact they are not THAT great but none the less they do make the difference between a wipe and kill sometimes.

Of course you will being Judging with SoI up ALMOST on cooldown(it is impossible to do it every time it is up just because of certain boss fights and heavy raid damage encounters). My usual "rotation" for raids so far in cata has been to use Holy Shock extensively! I keep it on cooldown always!

Divine Light for heavy tank damage and I actually use Holy Light quite a lot just to top people off during low raid damage. My least used heal is Flash of Light and I really only use if I fall behind or end up in a Oh S%*T situation.

Blessing of Sacrifice is amazing at helping with mana efficiency, you should always being using it when you know the tank will be receiving heavy damage.

As a side note, I notice somewhere on the forums earlier that certain Holy Pallies were saying that Divine Plea is garbage and not useful. I found that to be completely inaccurate. There are many encounters where you may go through a break is tank/raid damage and is IDEAL to pop Divine Plea if you are low on mana. My suggestion is walk with a few Concentration Potions and use it the same time as Divine Plea and watch your mana bar skyrocket.

Hope I was of help. Let me know if you have any questions.
With the changes to Tower of Radiance and holy power generation haste should become the lowest priority stat. With enlightened judgements and weapon enchant / trinket procs your haste rating should be more than fine given a lower priority than crit/mastery.

Mastery would be much more useful if the timer was longer. As I am experiencing now, any healing done on a non-tank target usually results in the absorb wearing off before damage is taken again. It is awesome for tank healing, but usually it turns into overheal on raid members since the damage they take happens intermittently and it fades before it is able to do its job.

I don't understand why they have it on a such a short timer. It would not somehow make the holy paladin overpowered if they increased it to 10-12 seconds.

With that said, it is still more useful to me than haste. Raid healing is about mana efficiency and no longer about heals per second. The best way to maximize mana efficiency is prioritize crit and use Divine Light, Word of Glory and Holy Shock. Also, the more holy shocks that crit, the more infusion of light procs you get making your Divine Light casts super quick.
Haste atm is very very very good to stack till about 1900. There is so much aoe damager that when you have more haste the faster Holy Radiance = more heals during the time its needed. Look at any holy pally in top 10 guilds in the world and you will see they have a lot of haste.
With the haste buffs from cooldowns and procs from trinket/hurricane enchant there isn't really a need to stack it. Especially not for a 10 second AoE heal on a 30 second cooldown. Also, I believe individual ticks from holy radiance can crit.

As for stacking haste for faster divine light casts, the math is already out there showing that you get more bang for your buck with crit. Along that same logic, more crit = more infusion of light = faster heals anyway.

Since int also raises crit rating, you are able to include intellect in your gem selections which also increases spell power and mana.

As for the holy paladins in top guilds, they most likely have the gear to be able to make up for the mana inefficiencies that result from stacking haste. Additionally, playing in top guilds means better players and better geared players so less healing is needed overall throughout their raids.

Haste isn't bad, but with the changes to tower of radiance and holy light it is not the end-all be-all as once believed.
01/06/2011 2:09 PMPosted by Abor

As for stacking haste for faster divine light casts, the math is already out there showing that you get more bang for your buck with crit. Along that same logic, more crit = more infusion of light = faster heals anyway.

I'm sorry, what?

1% haste = 1% increased throughput.
1% crit = 0.5% increased throughput.
1% haste = 128.125 haste rating.
1% crit = 179.28 crit rating.

Let's see now... costs more itemization points... results in less additional throughput... Yep, more bang for your buck!
This is quoted directly off the EJ forums from Mitranim. I couldn't have said any better myself so here it is.

"A lot of people here are advocating crit or mastery as a preferrable secondary stat. I think it's time to end this insanity.

Pros of crit are: more healing per mana / holy power if not overhealing and more IoL procs on average.
Cons of crit: unreliability. This is exactly what you try to avoid in PvE: a bad luck streak can (and will) render your stat useless.

Pros of mastery are: bigger shields on targets of your direct heals / LoD.
Cons of mastery: mostly useless outside tank spamming with HLs/DLs. Doesn't proc off beacon which usually accounts for most of your tank healing. Most of shields on raid members are wasted. Also, World of Logs doesn't account for Illuminated Healing.

Pros of haste: lesser GCD and cast time on all spells, more HPS/HPM on Holy Radiance (bigger increase than crit). More maximum throughput (bigger increase than crit).
Cons of haste: increases maximum mana consumption without increasing HPM (except for Holy Radiance).

The hint is that Blizzard didn't really deliver the healing environment where you can let people drop lower to heal more efficiently and allow your crit to kick in. Right now you're struggling to keep people alive while conserving mana. During low damage periods you want to top people off with weak heals. Сriticals would result in overheal, but haste helps. Also, you need to judge as often as possible, and haste helps not pushing back your judge / holy shock. And finally when things get tougher, you need throughput to use mana-efficient spells as much as possible. Crit doesn't always have more HPM, and haste has indirect effects on mana efficiency which you should keep in mind (and a very direct effect on HR)."
In regards to mana efficiency, crit wins every time. Raid healing is not just about throughput. We're not in Kansas anymore... Cata was released a month ago.

I am not saying that haste is bad, but it should not be a higher priority than crit - especially in the case of people that are stacking it as high as a 1400 rating AND neglecting crit/mastery.
1.Don't listen to Abor, don't gem mastery, and don't gem crit, or reforge anything to crit.
2. Enchaning mats and gems are getting very cheap atm, try to change out your 30 int to cloak > 50 int to cloak, 30 int gems to 40 int gems, work on good socket bonuses, such as your chest. Orange gems = 20 int / 20 haste. Purple gems 20 int / 20 spi.

Now in regards to raid healing, Holy Light is your friend, HS whenever it's off of CD, on a viable target of course. for tank healing you have to get used to each fight, most bosses have a swing timer of 2 seconds, time your heals accordingly. Do your best to never use flash of light. Judge whenever it's off of CD. As a blood elf, arcane torrent upon hitting 88-90% mana in order to have it up when you will need it a bit more.
For burst dmg in certain fights, use your cds. Cds are your best friends for mana conservation. guardian is amazing for the (stupidly low number of casts) 5 casts. talk to your other healers, ask for a hymm, if not possible ask for a bit extra healing while you plea. Plea sucks, i know but it's getting buffed a bit.

TL:DR read the holy pally post up top.
Haste is awesome, if you have the mana legs.
In regards to mana efficiency, crit wins every time. Raid healing is not just about throughput. We're not in Kansas anymore... Cata was released a month ago.

More haste makes you more mana efficient. If you are able to pump out more thoroughput with your lower mana cost spells, then you need to resort to using inefficient heals less frequently (ie. you need to use DL less). There's a reason good paladins go for haste...
774 Haste is what you want. It gives you an extra tick on Holy Radiance with standard raid buffs. Beyond that there is still plenty of debate on what to do for stats.

I tend to stick with Holy Light, Holy Shock and Word of Glory most of the time. If the tank is taking lots of damage Divine Light. If the DPS is getting generally low Holy Radiance. Stay away from Flash of Light unless it is an emergency. It is a mana killer. Use your cooldowns, and judge on cooldown to help out your mana situation.

Elitist Jerks is a great resource, but unless you are deep into theory crafting I would suggest just reading and not posting.

Your rotation includes:

Keep tank alive, keep dps alive.

Fit in /lol and comments about how standing in fires make people immune to healing in between said keeping alivesies.

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