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Hey guys,

Just wondering, there are some sites that say you can get 9 - 27 runes per boss, and others that say you only get 9 per boss, and some that say you get 9 per boss, and BH gives you 27. Also, there is varying information that says LFR gives you less runes than Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. Could someone confirm the real information for me please?

As far as I know, raid difficulty makes no difference.

Blackhand always drops 27. the other bosses all drop 9 and each has a chance to drop 27 instead. Nothing in between, always one or the other, 9 or 27, except BH which is always 27.

If you're on an alt, and you main has completed the quest, you get 4 additional runes, per kill.

You can only get runes off of one boss per week. You if you kill normal Blackhand and Heroic Blackhand, you'll only get 27 runes between the two kills (but you can loot him for gear twice).
Oh okay. Thank you for confirming that. :)

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