How long does the average player play?

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I've always taken the word "casual" player as meaning the "average" WoW player. There have been many studies on how gamers play, so let's take four sample points: 2005, 2011 and 2013, 2015. All the studies on years between show similar results (there is, surprisingly, not much of a difference in play time in the last 10 years).

What studies show:

- 75% gamers play at least 2 hours a day (almost a quarter play over ~5 hours).

- As a whole, the average WoW player plays 22.7 hours a week.

- The amount of players who play less than 10 hours a week is a sizable minority at about 10%

- The amount of players who play more than 30 hours a week is about 28%

- World of Warcraft has a much higher retention rate than other games.

- Cataclysm was an interesting outlier. During Cataclysm, the top 11% of most-playing players had 50% of the total hours played. The average weekly gamer at this time (early winter, late fall) time was 20 hours, up from 10 hours in the summer of 2010.

Side Note: Personally, I play about 15 hours a week (9 of those are raid hours, 3 are raid prep [gathering stuff, chatting with guildies], the rest are mog runs or alt content.) If a major patch or releases, it can go up to 20. If it's a new expansion, even longer.

What about you? How long do you play in day or week? (Taking into account content lulls and new patches/expansions?

TLDR: We're all a bunch of nerds. :)
05/24/2015 10:05 AMPosted by Tevrion
What about you? How long do you play in day or week? (Taking into account content lulls and new patches/expansions?

It depends on what you're asking, in that are you talking about a per character amount or total.

Currently I play about two hours per day, but that's because it takes me about 45min - 1hr to cycle through all alts and do their garrison chores. I'm not really on any one character more than about 10 min/day at this point.
Nowadays I'm lucky to be playing 1 day a week for a few hours. Game is stale and going downhill fast.
the average person watches about 4 hours of TV per day. So this would definitely make it seem like wow players have less screen time than the average non-wow player.
I don't have TV. I probably play two or three hours a day, sometimes more on weekends. I rarely skip a day entirely, but it does happen. I usually spend more individual time on my low level alts than on any of my characters in Draenor, unless I'm leveling one to 100.
I'd tell you how long I play each day.

But then I'd have to kill you.
In WoD? One hour a day to do my pet battle dailies/missions, plus raid two evenings a week.
Everyone has played since vanilla, haven't you read the forums?
In my youth I used to play several hours per day - taking up my afternoons after school and much of my weekend time. Now, I'm lucky to be able to play a few days a week for an hour or two at a time. But right now that it's my last summer in college and I'm only working and not taking classes, I've been playing much more frequently. Maybe 15~ hrs/week.
I've been playing HotS and D3 the last two weeks or so. I haven't played WoW in months and I'm taking a short break from FFXIV after going hardcore on leveling stuff in prep for the expansion.
I play 7-8 hours a day on weekdays and 12+ hours a day on weekends.
I used to play maybe 5-6 hours a day during the week, but the past few months I've been playing maybe 5-6 hours a week. The game has gotten real boring and I've found better things to do, imo, outside of WoW.
dont know exactly... i play every day and at night too. several hours. play other games occasionally.
1-2 hours a day now on 3 characters. Main just runs gold quests and the big AP ones even though I'm done with AP.
Profession alts do mission boards and the gathering quests.
Nothing else left that I find interesting.
Weekdays ~1 hour per day
Weekends ~4 hours per day
Myself lately,I've been jumping on to do my followers missions and then Emissaries that give me some rep..
I'm kind of on a half break since summer is here..

It's boat summoning at the river,horseback riding time..So I get on when I can..
14 years plus.
Does no one pay attention to the dates???

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