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If I want a realistic chance at getting invited to normal modes am I going to have to have 640+ LFR gear in every slot first?
Well technically at the beggining of the expansion we required 630 for normal highmaul but I doubt you'll be able to pug without at least 640 average ilvl. if not higher. You'd be better off seeking a guild which tend to be more tolerant of bringing lower geared players on their farm and/or alt nights.
Not EVERY slot, but you will need some better gear. BRF LFR drops ilvl 655. I couple of those and you should be good.

I'm not sure if you have crafted items or not, (it looks like you logged out in your PvP gear). If not, make some. Some Conquest gear will help too, if you have any CP to spare. (I used mostly PvP gear to get started.)
It's also a good idea to have your gear enchanted when introducing yourself, gemmed when available, even if it's just the cheap stuff from the garrison buildings. Every little bit will help in showing that you're willing to put forth effort.

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