A list of all the removed features in WoD

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MoP vs WoD comparison thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18300610486
Other reduced features thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17604463108

Removed Features List:
1. Flying (finally reverted)
2. Reforging + Item Upgrades
3. Group Scenarios
4. Character Abilities (ability pruning)
5. Valor/Justice Points
6. Daily quest hubs
7. 10 Heroic ('Mythic') Raiding
8. Guild levelling/perks (instead of just removing cash flow they remove the whole thing)
9. Repeatable rare mobs
10. Effectively gathering professions for over half a year and counting
11. Decent ilvl gear from world bosses (650 for Drov seriously?)
12. Battleground 'Call to Arms'
13. Profession specialisation bonuses (e.g. Potion masters proccing more potions)
14. Previous expansions' content: MoP legendary questline, Garrosh heirlooms, Isle of Thunder solo scenarios, MoP challenge mode content, old raid item drop nerfs
15. "Promised"/Delayed content
  • Farahlon
  • Karabor/Bladespire
  • Iron Docks quest hub (https://twitter.com/Bashiok/status/568125120562094081)
  • Tanaan Jungle
  • Trial of the Gladiator
  • Battle Pet Breeding/Epic Pets
  • Multiple garrison features: the ability to put your garrison is various locations, renaming your epic followers, garrison Trophies for killing rares/elite mobs in Draenor, Building Garrison Defences
  • Diablo 3-style transmog system (it was being worked on as at November 2013)
  • PvP Spectator Mode (confirmation needed)
  • Fixing Stormwind
  • Blood Elf Models (delayed till 6.1)
  • Heirloom Tab (delayed till 6.1)
  • Class Accessories
Has this expansion removed more than it has added?! We paid 20% more and waited 14+ months for this? Can anyone reconcile this? Never in the history of WoW have so many features been removed or scrapped. I think the community deserve an answer.

EDIT: added other removed features. If I've missed any let me know.
Pretty much.
The big one for me is '''FUN'''
05/24/2015 11:53 PMPosted by Adelphie
Forgot new major cities and player interaction on that list. Everything feels so empty when everyone is sequestered into their phased garrisons.
Cool legendaries.
The unexpansion.
"Pruned" abilities
Forgot prospecting. But then, the reason they didn't add it is because they added no gems. Just a generic catch-all that can be carved to anything, just to make it feel like every other bland, homogenized profession now where you make the daily thing, then you make a big thing when you have enough of the generic daily thing. They didn't even have a unique cloth to sell this time just...like cloth you wish right out of the air itself if you are a tailor.

Seriously, take a minute to go look through your profession books. Click on a BC or Wrath recipe. You had to farm bits to make other bits which you then made into a piece to make what you eventually wanted. If you were in a mood to work on tailoring it was gloriously different from when you wanted to work on engineering, or alchemy, because they required different inputs, just like real professions. So I guess you can just put "Professions" on the list, full stop.
Don't forget putting Tanaan Jungle in the list, it was intended as a 99-100 LEVELING zone.
Now it's.. 'content patch'.. heh.
Don't worry 6.2 is set to be the largest content patch in WoW's history!! lol
You forgot to mention how Blizz removed 3 million subs in less than 4 months.
05/25/2015 12:09 AMPosted by Saescha
Don't forget putting Tanaan Jungle in the list, it was intended as a 99-100 LEVELING zone.
Now it's.. 'content patch'.. heh.

I'm actually glad they turned it into something else, considering I was 100 way before I even finished Nagrand (without xp boosts).
You forgot animal husbandry (the ability to breed battle pets), the ability to put your garrisons anywhere you want to, and the ability to hang the heads of raid bosses you killed in your garrisons (I still say that's an awesome feature and not sure why they announced it, then took it back :/ ).
Farahlon too!
What you don't realize is that Blizzard is making history, they are the first game company in the world to, rather than release an Expansion, decided to release a Contraction. WOD, the first ever Contraction to WOW.

And since some will ask...

noun: contraction; plural noun: contractions
the process of becoming smaller.

synonyms: shrinking, shrinkage, decline, decrease, diminution, dwindling
Expansion? More like "Compression".
6.1 and 6.2 seem to be filled with stuff they didn't have time to finish in time for WoD release, none of it seems to be new content they're just playing catch up.
there was never flight in wod, so how can they get rid of something that was never there?
heck the only flying Ive seen so far was on ptr when there were druids flying around not sure if they scraped that esp since I deleted ptr last week!

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