Make some Paladin suggestions NO QQ

I have a suggestion for some glyphs.

Glyph of the Cleric = Increases the damage of exorcism and holy shock by 200% and Judgements by 350%. Decreases the base mana cost of exorcism to 8%.

Doesn't stack with mana reduction from denounce but will cause all holy shocks to give a free instant Exorcism. Causes Fanatical Debuff reducing all out going healing by 75% and for 10 seconds after casting an exorcism. This glyph will remove the healing component of Holy Shock and requires the Paladins own crusader aura to be present for glyph to be enabled. Reduces threat from holy offensive holy spells by 35%. Holy spells do 67% less damage on Players and their pets. Masters glyph requiring the paladin to have 375 inscription, uses 2 prime, Major and Minor Glyph slots, Requires a lot of mats

Glyph of the Grand Inquisition = Doubles the Duration of Inquisition and makes Inquisition available for level 80 Retribution paladins.

They will need to relearn it at 81.

Prime Glyph

Glyph of Guiding Light = Doubles the damage absorption of Sacred Shield while providing an additional 50% healing over the next 10 seconds for protection. Healing threat From word of glory is increased by 100% and Sacred shield over healing now produces threat. Enables Sacred shield for Holy and Retribution as well.

Prevents Crusader strike and Avengers Shield from being used on players. Requires level 58

Prime Glyph

And I'm all tuckered out now so I'll make more suggestions later, these suggestions might be over the top too

Feel free to make suggestions for new spells/changes Just don't QQ or troll.
Revive Sanctity Aura! (Increases holy damage based on a % value)
Don't know about classic, but in BC it was a 1 point talent in retribution (+10% holy damage), and an additional 2 points could be invested to increase the effectiveness of the aura by another 1% (Improved Sanctity Aura). This would also benefit priests. :)
i don't get it. what do we need these obviously overpowered and/or broken glyphs for again?
I would say no, no and no again to all those glyphs, they are way to powerful.

Since divine purpose is getting replaced with the old hand of light effect i think we could do with another holy power generator.

I would also like to see AoW exorcism get nerfed down a bit and judgment buffed in damage to compensate, move us a bit away from RNG.

GotAK needs some buffing, as of now it's a pathetic 85 ability for rets

I would like to see inquisition streamlined a bit, it's pretty clunky not to mention completely unusable in pvp (loldispells)

and holy wrath either needs to get buffed and be something useful or go away entirely, it's not strong enough to justify having a meteor effect, and right now the only reason to hit it is for the chance to proc divine purpose.

If DS is going to share a CD with CS then at least make it generate a charge of holy power, on top of that it hits like a wet noodle.

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