Holy Radiance

I wanted to bring up how Holy Radiance is working in different settings atm. In dungeons it works fine ticking for 1k- and 2k crits. It works about the same in 10 mans. But a major difference is in 25 mans. In my guilds 25 man raids me and another holy pally's Holy Radiance ticks for 300- and 600 crits. With that little healing in 25 mans especially with the amount of dmg going out is a joke especially for the mana cost. Im not sure if this is how the spell was intended to work but i think it should heal for the same amount at least in 25 man raids or heal the people who need it most who are next to you. I like how the spell works just its effects in 25 mans seems wrong to me
Eh, I only use it for avoiding AoE damage.
Sounds like when you have that many people near you each heal is smaller. Sounds right otherwise it would ba-roken.
It is intended. Blizzard wanted it to diminish with more targets (Or if they are farther away). Really, if you think about it, you get the same output that you do in 10m (More than in 5 mans).

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