Warsong Gulch Vendors

I thought I'd mix things up and get away from all the Tol Barad QQ and ask a question.

Where, as of Cataclysm, have the Warsong Gulch Vendors run off too? Do they even exist anymore? Because it seems the Horde has overrun where they used to be, and I'm searching for some good twink gear...

And before I get there and discover them gone too, are the Arathi Basin vendors still in the same place?
WTF where is the warsong vendor for the alliance side because she is not in silverwing refuge as it owned by the horde
silverwing grove not refuge still there
The horde vendor is at Morshan Ramparts in Kalimdor. After you fly there, run to your right and up around the hill to the right. Follow the road up and he's near the portal to WSG, on the right side of it.

Edit: There's also an Arathi Basin vendor at Tauren Mill.
Nope, they're still in the same place, and its not the place the horde overran.
Just take the high road out of astranaar and turn right at the first little trail after you pass the big river, if you hit the road that goes thru the rampart to the barrens you've gone too far.

Seriously, how did nobody notice?

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