Best way to level 80-85

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Quests or dungeons?
I'd do a healthy combination of both. If you can heal or tank keep that spec ready and then just quest in your ret spec. Then queue up when you feel like a break. I got to 85 in 4 days that way.
I'd say quest your arss off... Only dungeon when you can still get that dungeons quests. If there are no quests involved in that dungeon, then there is no point because the xp is minimal.
You need to quest through Deepholm to unlock the PvE shoulder enchants via Therazane rep and you need to quest through certain zones to grind rep and unlock your appropriate PvE helm enchant (each faction has its own enchant with different stats). If you're doing PvP at end-game then you buy those enchants with honor and don't need to worry about rep.

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