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As you’re probably aware by now, an update was applied to Tol Barad shortly before the holidays which granted the attacking side 1800 Honor Points for a victory. While the goal with that change was to provide more incentive for the attacking forces to claim victory, it ultimately led to an undermining of the spirit of competition in Tol Barad. We’ve just applied a hotfix which has lowered the attacking faction’s gain to 360 Honor Points for a victory. The defending faction will still earn 180 Honor Points for a victory.

We appreciate all of your feedback regarding this change. We'll continue working to make Tol Barad a fun and engaging PvP environment.
yup just saw the 360 in game

was fun while it lasted!
Thanks for fixing this.
well, I'll just go back to ignoring TB, no biggie. I got some upgrades from the extra honor while it lasted. No biggie
what grind that wasnt a pvp grind that was just a big mistake lol
Annnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd done with that awful place.
But everyone is already fully geared now. No need to run TB or BGs anymore.
01/03/2011 1:29 PMPosted by Grenade
Good now fix elemental shamans!!!

and whenever you can get to them, hunters...

p.s. please also leave warlocks out of future nerf rounds... they've had enough...
THANK YOU!! Maybe it can be fun again.
Well, I hope that you guys figure out how to balance offense and defense. It just does not feel fair at the moment.
I know, right?

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