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01/03/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Fujitasix
Does the "continue to .... fun and interesting" snippet mean they're going to be making some sort of mechanics changes that favor attackers?

Obviously the developers recognized a deficiency in the battleground, or they wouldn't have tossed a 10:1 stopgap incentive on attacking.

Please act quickly on this before the zone becomes another ghost town ala Wintergrasp. Once people lose interest, I think it will be very difficult to persuade them to participate again.

This is exactly right. If anything the attackers should have an advantage so that it changes hands frequently and have an incentive to defend instead.
Have a massive server down to fix everything pls
01/03/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Targen
Whats the word on the bridge exploit?

Why would you ever bring this up? People should be able to play TB after waiting in que that long.... instead I get lucky and actually invited into the zone maybe 1/10 times.... the bridge exploit is fine... at least i get something out of waiting that long and NOT getting selected to participate. Why should I be penalized if the opposing faction isn't queing up, etc etc.

Like the good man said; how about a fix to TB itself.
(not going to read 9 pages of posts sorry)
Can we make it so u have to control 2 of the 3 towers at the end of the TB to win it.
if nether side has enough towers keep TB going till one side gets a second tower.
01/03/2011 2:11 PMPosted by Tyrion
Is their any plan or intention to redesign or tweak Tol Barad to make it balanced?

12/27/2010 7:19 PMPosted by Zarhym
The odds are already stacked against the attacking force. In fact, they're stacked in favor of the defense more so than we would like at this point. We're looking to address this in an upcoming patch so that defending Tol Barad doesn't feel like there's virtually no fear of loss.

Also Also bump people getting 5/5 in a week was really lame. It took a lot of the fun for pvpers and just shat all over it. It's like man I worked really hard for all this nice gear I finally have an edge in arenas... OH WAIT some scrub dk with 4k resil just owned me =/...

There is severe class imba as im sure you've all noticed. Blizzard I can appreciate all the the time and effort you guys put into the game trying to balance it both for pve and pvp but it's just not working out that way.

Although I dont really have any kind of suggestion on how to fix that... QQQQQQQ is all.
Honestly, I don't see why there's so much QQ over Blizzard 'ignoring the real problems in Tol Barad.' yes, there are problems that need to be addressed, and yes Blizzard has stated that they are continuing to monitor and plan on changing Tol Barad mechanics. However, they stated that this is a change that is going to require a patch to fix. So cut the guys some slack....they just gave you a whole expansion to play in. Don't they get a break from work too?
Using the phrase "more incentive for attacking forces to claim victory" underlines that you seem to think it's a matter of the attacking forces being lazy, not the victory conditions being fundamentally flawed. It's really simple: 3 towers fully capped needed to claim victory for attacking, 1 tower not fully capped needed to claim victory for defending. As long as Tol Barad remains the way it is, it's just going to be two zergs rotating around the map until time runs out and the defense keeps it because all they had to do was send everyone to one base at a time.
BLIZZARD IF YOU WANNA MKAE THIS BG FUN GIVE DEFENDERS ATLEAST 600 HONOR FROM DEFENDING and 300 from attacking that way there will be more competition on who gets it
01/03/2011 2:11 PMPosted by Tyrion
Is their any plan or intention to redesign or tweak Tol Barad to make it balanced?


the increased honor was because it was nearly impossible to win if the other team isn't braindead, I hope Blizz is working on a fix for this as well.
01/03/2011 2:12 PMPosted by Felys
If you're fixing the bridge "exploit", I sure hope you're coming up with a way to let more people into the battle. GL ever getting the 100 victory achievement otherwise.

right, let it be like WG, where teh dominate faction can just LOLSteamroll the other faction. Keep it 1:1 ratio for games and change the game itself to make it less favorable to the defense.
01/03/2011 1:32 PMPosted by Purdyboy

Blizz came out with something, people hated it, they changed it, it made the problem worse, so they hotfixed it, and people still aren't happy. There is no pleasing you people...

Why would we be happy? The thing that we hated (TB impossible for offense) is still exactly the same as it's always been.

Fix mechanics before you make people unhappy.

Blizzard desperately needs to make TB fun, and that means not winning once a week. This change will work...

Requirement to win: Attacking team must hold two bases for X minutes (I recommend 2-4 minutes).

This would encourage the defending team to rotate, not allowing for a defense to sit at one base. This would require the offense to have two fronts they need to hold.
Back to honor farm being a JOB, taking a lot of days to do, and offense never winning tol barad.
Is Tol-barad fun? I dunno I can never get into it. I think it has something to do with there being 5x as many people standing on the bridge as there are in the actual fight. Open the gates up. There is no reason why the limit shouldn't be 200 people. Sorry low pop servers but if I only bring 10 to play football I'm playing with 10 and not forcing the other team to shed numbers for my sake.
Why not just have the requirement that defenders need to cap 3 to defend and offense needs to cap 3 to win. Otherwise no one wins and there is no instance and no dailies for anyone (or perhaps instance and dailies for everyone with a little PvP action around the npcs and instance entrance).

That would solve the in-balance in zone tactics, other than the rez locations (and I suspect there would be whine with that cheese should such a balanced battle be setup).
01/03/2011 2:15 PMPosted by Crefiix
BLIZZARD IF YOU WANNA MKAE THIS BG FUN GIVE DEFENDERS ATLEAST 600 HONOR FROM DEFENDING and 300 from attacking that way there will be more competition on who gets it

YES!!!! this will fix everything........

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