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Are you guys working on fixing the battleground mechanics? I personally think that the entire thing needs a rework, its simply not fun on offense or defense.

Getting towers are basically worthless, attackers could have an hour and it would just be an hour long loop of the same impossible assault situation. Defenders just have to zerg a base at a time.

I don't care about the honor or commendations, I already got my stump of time trinket. But I really wish it were an entertaining place to go to. Wintergrasp was pretty fun. Weve only gotten Gilneas/Twin peaks and Tol-barad. Though I realize developing an entirely new battleground isn't an easy thing, it seems necessary to fix TB or create a few more battlegrounds, the classics are getting a little too old.
... well, I just had my first taste of offense, and holy.. it is, bad. Wow. We kept capping two, and the alliance would just zerg one, and stand in it. We barely won. Oh man, please Blizzard, rethink this a little.
Wait, hold on, I'm new to Tol Barad and plan on participating in it in the future, what's so broken about it that it has a 36 page thread here?
01/03/2011 1:33 PMPosted by Kittikat
You should reverse the honor points imo. 1800 to successfully defend, 180 for successfully attacking.

How would that fix anything. It is already nearly impossible for attacking side to control all 3 bases, so that would put it back to free honor, but take away the trading that was happening before they lowered it.
01/03/2011 1:44 PMPosted by Laina
How about you fix bg queues so horde dont have to wait 20 minutes to get a game?

Has it occured to you that this is a function of how many alliance are queueing in your battlegroup? How do you intend Blizzard fix this? Force people to reroll Alliance? Please *think* for even a second before you post and save us all the /sigh.

If your having issues with long queues for BGs in your battlegroup then reroll an Alliance toon for PvP. My Queues pop in a few seconds...
Tol Borad and anything like it should always..ALWAYS...ALWAYS..ALWAYS....favour the attackers.

If the attackers fail the first time, then their advantage over time should grow...and so forth until the place eventually changes hands.

Game Design 101.

Fix the broken battleground and people won't have to exploit.

Worst design ever.

PS, oh wait ... it's Blizzard they don't have to fix anything to make money.
01/03/2011 6:44 PMPosted by Cadenbrie

So replace a broken mechanic with a broken mechanic?

Two brokens = a real fix, lol
01/03/2011 1:50 PMPosted by Alimony
Still no answer to tol barad alliance guards? Typical. Blues don't care about the alliance getting exploited and camped in their own base when we can't even touch the horde's.

This was fixed as well.
01/03/2011 1:32 PMPosted by Purdyboy
You finally made the PvP grind tolerable for people who don't like BGs, then turn around and wreck it.

Thanks for nothing.

QQ moar. Seriously, 1.8k for a victory is too much. "PvP grind tolerable for people who don't like BG's"...meaning what? You don't like BG's, unless they give you an obscene amount of honor? Or you are an arena fighter who can't hack it and have resorted to BG's for honor, and are now upset your easy points are gone?

Blizz came out with something, people hated it, they changed it, it made the problem worse, so they hotfixed it, and people still aren't happy. There is no pleasing you people...

I already know your reply will be "run premades" but, sadly some of us do love pvp and are quite good however our battlegroups suck a hard one and its not fun losing 10 times per 1 win. So no 1800 wasnt too much, its a game and people would like to enjoy what they pay for without suffering stupid amounts of time for it.
01/03/2011 6:56 PMPosted by Zarhym
Still no answer to tol barad alliance guards? Typical. Blues don't care about the alliance getting exploited and camped in their own base when we can't even touch the horde's.

This was fixed as well.

Finish that hotfix list already. :p *cracks whip*
Right now TB is like doing Eye of the Storm to win horde can just turtle. For those who don't know means running as a whole group from one base to another to catch the base. and as someone else stated that when the own it they can just stay at one and hold the base. You need to have an incentive to guard your towers as well as it would be nice to have the weeklys back like WG. And making it a 40-40 battle ground with servers having I'm sure 2k plus players so what kind of ratio is that 40-2000.

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