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It was a bad change before, on account that EVERYONE wanted that much honor. And now, you've pretty much nerfed TB back into the utterly useless state it was before.

Well done, Blizzard. Well done.
01/03/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Keefus
sadly, I think TB is a lost cause. Maybe I am missing the point of the layout but it seems like something was overlooked when designing this BG.
The idea of WG's design was to make it harder to defend than attack for the sake of servers with population imbalances- unless the defenders had a massive skill/numbers advantage, it would be flipped every time the battle happened, meaning that each faction gets it ~50% of the time.

With TB, they went into it knowing that the numbers would be even each battle, which meant that they could make it be just as hard to attack as it is to defend and it wouldn't be unfair on realms with lopsided populations- the winner would be whichever side brought the better players, not whichever side had more players. Unfortunately, they wound up taking it too far and made a zone that was harder to attack than defend, meaning that the attacking team requires a decisive skill advantage to win and thus the zone very rarely flips.
...grind your honor like the rest of us.

Herein lies the problem. Not everyone has had to do it the same way now.
01/03/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Zarhym
Whats the word on the bridge exploit?

We're working on a fix for this right now.

Fix the real issue, theres a reason there are 200+ horde sitting at the bridge each tol barad and 0 alliance.
01/03/2011 1:50 PMPosted by Pahvel
What is the plan to balance gear since some people got a free set of gear for violating your spirit of competition while others got absolutely nothing?

You can't get it at your level anyway. I know, it's an alt, but if you're too scared to make a point on your main, then that main doesn't exist.
01/03/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Ihavebeer

We're working on a fix for this right now.

I find it very hard to believe that a company like Blizzard can't fix this exploit within 1 day of it coming out.
It's the Monday after New Year's. A lot of people probably just got back to the office today.
Maybe next week we can get heroic gear for wiping on trash.
Make it even please =O
There is now zero incentive for the horde to let the alliance win ever again.

I hope the alliance enjoyed being able to do the new instance for a few days.

Your not going to see it again for a long time.
Can you please just allow for horde vs horde BGs or mixed horde + ally vs horde + ally BGs? I dont mind doing BGs for honor but the que times are killing all the fun and making it take forever.

Also a small increase for honor in BGs wouldn't be bad.
While tweaking the amount of honor granted to the winning side may provide an incentive for players to participate, it does not help to address the inherent imbalance that exists between defending and attacking. By having the defending faction spawn in the center of the map they have a much quicker path to any of the three capture points and have a much easier time keeping at least one base out of the hands of the attackers.

Until the basic structure of Tol Barad is addressed either the "spirit of competition of Tol Barad" will cease to exist and will be a win trading extravaganza or one side will take advantage and dominate Tol Barad for long periods of time, effectively shutting out the opposing faction from it. With the honor change to 1800 we saw the first, and prior to the honor change we saw the second.

I eagerly anticipate the next changes to the "fun and engaging PVP enironment" that Tol Barad provides to the player base.
I love that Blizzard makes a much needed hotfix and people whine that Blizzard isn't doing anything to improve on the BG itself.

These things take design decisions and work. Magical fixes aren't just crapped out by suits and other figureheads.
tiran your a hunter your op anyways lol
01/03/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Zarhym
Whats the word on the bridge exploit?

We're working on a fix for this right now.

Here's a much more obvious fix for Tol Barad while you guys work on the bigger picture:

1. Give losers 1 commendation
2. Allow the losing team to do the other dailies

Hot-fixing these honor rewards doesn't strike me as even remotely related to the problem.

The issue is clearly poor balance. The reason people care about this is because when you're not in control of tol barad you cannot do the dailies down there, and you cannot earn nearly as many Commendations.

So a proper interim solution would have to address these reasons, not honor rewards which exist in abundance in Battlegrounds. No one has been running TB for honor. We have all been doing them for Baradin Hold rep and commendations.
01/03/2011 1:53 PMPosted by Aekeem

QQ "No fair! he got teh same gear as me and didn't spend 15 hours a day grinding honor!"
"Take all his toys away Blizz!"

It is what it is. I got 9 pieces of gear in 4 days. Also hit my 25000 HK achievement while I did it. I Qed up and got in almost every TB on Attack turn, and even did several Defend turns when I was available.

360/180? Nice reward for killin Horde imo

I bet if you'd queued for all those battles and only gotten in to one or two you'd be a lot more concerned with what is and isn't fair. Its easy when you're the one benefitting from Blizzard's laziness and stupidity to act like certain players getting free sets of gear isn't ridiculous.

Valid point, I have a friend who would Q up at the same moment as me and he got in 10% of the time. While I was one of the MANY who actually fought (even viciously on defense heh)
I reaped the 1800 honor bonus...LOVED IT

Now, everyone got their fix and we can all move on...See ya at the Lumber Mill.

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