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So you still get more honor for winning so what would stop people form still trading to get the extra honor...It should be the exact same number of honor for both sides or the winner should get some conquest points and each time you defend it you should get a liitle more more conquest but it should be harder to defend similar to how the flag carrier in Warsong is easier to kill. Each successfull hold the towers that are down should stay destroyed. Then people would fight for it and there would be a reason to keep it.
Damn i never got to use that battleground, that really @#$%in sucks
So the promised blog entry is up that was meant to address some of the concerns of the playerbase with regards to Tol Barad....

I think we got trolled :/
01/10/2011 6:31 PMPosted by Illisius
So the promised blog entry is up that was meant to address some of the concerns of the playerbase with regards to Tol Barad....

I think we got trolled :/

Yeah pretty much. Knowing that the defense having an advantage is intended is pretty bad. That basically means the dominant PVP faction on each server should own the zone. Those wanting to farm commendations for gear, mounts, or have access to the raid might want to consider a faction transfer...

Oh well. I get my drake in 3 days then I don't have to ever go back. For PVP I'll stick to bgs.
I am very, very sad that i missed this.....
Simple solution:

If you're on Defense: Throw the game.

then TB will be traded off and on.

01/10/2011 8:19 PMPosted by Hexkor
Simple solution:

If you're on Defense: Throw the game.

then TB will be traded off and on.


There is sufficient bad blood between factions on Stonemaul that without huge motivation (1800 honor for example) this will never happen... too much risk of not getting BH back.
1800 wasn't so bad. Maybe 800 to victor
I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but maybe you could have the towers be more useful to attackers. Instead of just having them add time maybe if all three are destroyed attackers would only need to cap 2 places instead of one, or they would cap them much faster. This would make it so some defenders would need to defend towers as well. or if that makes attackers to op then just give some sort of buff.
Are you kidding me? Ele Shaman and Hunters are great DPS. Apparently some people lack the knowledge to play them to their max potential.
Wow...all the conflicting QQing going on. I think the idea behind the Tol Barad 1.8k was great as it got people interested in the place and I now see a dedicated core of players that are doing the "grind" for the rep with factions for the items to be had. I am not a big fan of PVP but enjoy my daily "grinds" in Tol Barad doing all the quests and I really enjoy the battles much more than in any other BG.
Dear Blizzard,

Thankyou for giving everyone a full set of free pvp gear. Now we are seeing the derp combination's in arena that virtually win hands down with minimal to no effort...

Also to the ele shaman having a QQ get over it and learn to play plenty of elemental shamans are owning the pvp atm.. if you want to QQ, then QQ when you get hit for 70k lava burst in your pve gear then change to pvp and its only reduced to say 50k..

Not looking forward to warrior Nerf bat extreme... Although I will admit fury was fairly over powered at 1 stage as their burst was good but it could be dealt with and as for arms warriors well they are screwed now that charge has the deminishing return AND shares a cooldown with intercept.. Bit overboard with the nerf button blizzard.

There is a great video of blizzard on youtube.. Its Peter Griffin (From Family guy(Comedy show)) repeatedly pressing a button on a wall to nerf warriors =D - Blizzard<<

And thats my input/QQ

What bothers me is that in order balance the amount in the battleground Blizzard basically shorts one side. I hardly ever "get into" a Tol Barad match. We have more Horde on our server than we do Alliance or at least more queing up for TB.

Which means I just don't get to get into TB near as often as I'd like. Don't get me wrong I didn't like the tenacity mechanic in WG, it took all the heroic out of combat and made you basically have to mob in mass one Alliance.

Btw this "new" queuing system that they use in Tol Barad I also assume is the same queue system they use for the over all battleground system since doing away with individual battlegroup servers. Regardless, it bites. It isn't uncommon for me to spend upwards of 30 minutes to an hour in the queue at the cap. Something that I don't ever recall being the norm back at the 80 cap or 70 cap and I did(would still like to do) alot of bg time over the past four plus years.

Anyhow to bring it back to TB more directly, if your watching TB for tweaks then some sort of tweak that would "allow" us to actually get into the matches more often would be nice, as long as it isn't tenacity mechanics.

You can't have a system that rewards the defense with a ton of honor because it is almost impossible for the attacking side to win. They've already said that they intend for the defensive side to have an advantage, so why give them the advantage and the best reward? Their design philosophy is only going to lead to more imbalanced need to make it worse.

Attackers should get a better reward, but it's not like it even matters since attackers always lose.
oops double post
01/11/2011 10:23 AMPosted by Roflologist
That is where you are wrong. With both an advantage for Defenders as well as a huge Honor bonus, what you have here is legitimate desire to be on the Defense of this zone. Attacks will attack, because they want to defend. Defenders will defend, because they want the huge amount of honor.




Any other questions?

In a perfect world on a perfect server that would work. On most servers one faction dominates PVP and with their design intention being that the defense should have the advantage, it's not hard to figure out that this zone will not be changing hands often during this expansion.

So basically you're rewarding the dominant side more for having the faction advantage and the batteground advantage? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

If someone, or a guild, were to decide to transfer servers and it was a push on what faction to choose, why would they NOT choose the dominant side? It's a step in the wrong direction for server balance, and rewarding it more makes zero sense.
hey men i can't playing you ??
I 100% agree. Defend TB should earn the big bucks, being asked to attack then defend is a far greater task than just attacking. Good stuff Stormvoid and Rofl.!!

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