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"If attackers destroy all 3 towers, defenders can no longer reclaim lost nodes."
If I don't get my BH done next week, I'm going to be an unhappy camper.

Godspeed, Blizzard. Don't fail me again.
TB needs to become a scheduled BG. Instead of having the "horde heavy" pvp servers waiting to fight someone and the "alliance heavy" pve servers(like mine) doing the same you could have them fighting each other like you do with the other BGs.

This 1:1 ratio design does not work because you've never addressed faction imbalances on your servers. Ideally you'd have servers with relatively close faction distribution and the 1:1 design would work really well, unfortunately that's not how it works in practice and instead you have a un-enjoyable game for much of your playerbase.

If you can't fix the faction imbalance across your servers, then at least let us play TB across our battlegroups.
Great idea for TB:

Tug of War BG with 3 points on each side. First to cap the most (or all 3 for the insta-win) on either side wins and gets honor.

With the player cap! This is a great way to BALANCE IT OUT! And ruin this whole 'attacking faction wins, defenders lose' crud. Because each faction would play both at the same time! YAY!
Hopefully this fix includes the ability to actually get into Tol Barad? I have only seen the BG twice since I hit 85 on any of my 3 toons.
01/03/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Ihavebeer

We're working on a fix for this right now.

I find it very hard to believe that a company like Blizzard can't fix this exploit within 1 day of it coming out.

I find it hard to believe that you and the others who scream that fixes take too long or that Beta is expected to catch all bugs and player type exploits know anything about computers, programming or game design.
They have really jumped the shark with this expansion.
How about actually fixing the battle so the defending team isn't virtually guaranteed victory?
Thanks for gearing up some people ultra fast and leaving the rest behind, Blizzard.
Hello, Couldn't you have put as a priority fixing the underlying issue that defending Tol Barad was way too easy before reverting the change that heavily encouraged Baradin Hold control to change hands?

A plumber for instance wouldn't turn back on the water till the leak was fixed.
Spoiler alert:

Diddling with the point values doesn't change the issue: Tol Barad is no fun.

Giving more points for attacking over defending = it's STILL simpler for defense to ignore TB and just let the attacker always win.

The "Spirit of Competition" was a battleground that encouraged a circular zerg. The defenders would always spawn closer to something that needed retaking than attackers, and the rez bug (how about fixing that?) benefits defense.

You clearly can't make attacking = defense, which means the battleground is simply broken. Trying to find a magic number doesn't work because it is far easier to use an addon / timer to keep track of queueing for every other TB.

The TRUE spirit of competition is being provided by the players FOR YOU. They're making it clear they want the dungeon to be equally accessible and both sides getting a fair shot at honor, not favoring a side due to population imbalances.

Never mind that somehow an attacker destroying 100% of destructible items in someone's house, then taking over 66% of it wasn't considered "winning." Let me do that in someone's house and we'll see their opinion of if I successfully attacked them or not.

Do you discredit your playerbase so much that you think they're incapable of determining what the highest honor per hour is and taking the actions to ensure that?

The bottomline is that when people have gear differences, skill differences (and class differences) are undermined. So yeah, blame the players for trying to increase equality in the spirit of competition by not chasing the really, really, really rotten carrot you set up in TB.
01/03/2011 1:45 PMPosted by Scrumps
As you’re probably aware by now, an update was applied to Tol Barad shortly before the holidays which granted the attacking side 1800 Honor Points for a victory. While the goal with that change was to provide more incentive for the attacking forces to claim victory, it ultimately led to an undermining of the spirit of competition in Tol Barad.

I think Blizz undermined the spirit of PVP and competition.. It did not matter if you offer 4k honor, TB is not win-able against a Defense with more than half a brain cell.

What disappointments me is that you have made this change which will see the win trading stop and means I no longer have access to the dailies or BH.

An extremely easy fix would be to change the win condition to 2 out of 3 bases. It would at least ensure that it traded sides whilst still retaining pvp.

If the honor doesn't matter, and its truly just a matter of doing the PvE content, (and I say PvE content because the awards from tokens are certianly not PvP items) then make it another Isle of Quel'(sp)denas. Just disable it the PvP if possible until it can be fixed so we don't see threads like this for the rest of the expansion.
01/03/2011 2:03 PMPosted by Jynks

I was shocked at how flippantly Blizzard offered such a game-changing incentively, and also somewhat surprised at how casual you folks are being about the aftermath. For the record, I think the current change is appropriate, but I also think you need to actually re-design the game instead of just tinkering with the rewards. I assume you know this as well.

Yes, but you can hotfix the rewards. You can't hotfix a change to the actual BG.

Blizzard has said they want to change TB, beyond just tinkering with the amount of honor you receive.

12/27/2010 7:19 PMPosted by Zarhym
The odds are already stacked against the attacking force. In fact, they're stacked in favor of the defense more so than we would like at this point. We're looking to address this in an upcoming patch so that defending Tol Barad doesn't feel like there's virtually no fear of loss.

01/03/2011 1:26 PMPosted by Zarhym
As you’re probably aware by now, an update was applied to Tol Barad shortly before the holidays which granted the attacking side 1800 Honor Points for a victory. While the goal with that change was to provide more incentive for the attacking forces to claim victory, it ultimately led to an undermining of the spirit of competition in Tol Barad. We’ve just applied a hotfix which has lowered the attacking faction’s gain to 360 Honor Points for a victory. The defending faction will still earn 180 Honor Points for a victory.

We appreciate all of your feedback regarding this change. We'll continue working to make Tol Barad a fun and engaging PvP environment.

So again the idea is to find the exploits and abuse them as much before Blizzard goes back on it. Seems like all the people capped with honor gear is unfair to the people that you aren't letting gain honor as fast as they were.
Good, now please stop making these types of bandaid fixes.
Good thing I killed Argaloth, since Twisting Nether is probably the most imbalanced server ever we wont ever see TB Alliance side here again.

I didn't see anything wrong with New York Knicks style pvp on Tol Barad (All O no D)

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