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I would change tol barad more even though i know this is off topic add at least 1 more base almost make it like another wintergrasp but i know you people on blizzard wanted to make this harder but should make it even numbers of bases or it will be like a round robin when u capture one building the other team gets the one behind you and should add attack vehicles to make more excitement for the players of WoW.
Purdy boy i agree with you completely you need alot of honor for 40 man bgs i get more honor on wg then tb.
what i find funny is the part about "we cant make it even"
sorry blizzard but youre full of excrement with that comment. i mean seriously... if you cant do it, then whats AV? its balanced, always has been... WG and TB both should have been made the same way. get your 10 per side or whetever, then limit the new entries to a 1:1 ratio. dont say you cant do it when you have a functioning example of the fact that you CAN do it. on my realm, its like 15-20 horde at best, 40+ alliance (or similar balances in numbers) every single time... except for those few hours between up-laters and early risers. GET ON IT!
and although i agree that 1800 pts may have been a bit rich, for effort required, i think only getting double what the defenders get is a little lame... triple would be better in my opinion, as you have to take 3 times the real estate the defenders have to hold to win.

thats my 2 cents worth lol
that sucks... its hard as hell to win, a fun challenge that i enjoy. if you win, as the attacker, you should get 1000+ honor points. or raise attacking and defending honor gains.
01/03/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Zarhym
Whats the word on the bridge exploit?

We're working on a fix for this right now.

Notice how the dude is completely ignoring everything else everyone has said so far. Such as the fact that trying to take all bases at the same time is impossible. Here's an example to simple things out for you, this way it's impossible to ignore unless you're really just trying.

Scenario: Attacking team takes two bases, needs one more. Defending team spawns in middle and zergs the bahjesus out of one base. Attacking team CAN'T win if they don't have all the bases. Attacking team spawns at the other two bases and slaughters the attacking force, taking back the base they stole. Problem solved? No. Defending force respawns in the middle as soon as they die. Newly regrouped defenders attack another base, causing the attacking force to lose yet another base. Attacking force leaves defenders to try to root out this issue, defending force can send far more to recapture a base than the attacking team can afford to just leave there to camp the base. *Cycle rotates, rinses and constantly repeats for the duration of the game* *Defenders permanently hold Tol Barad.*

Imbalance? Only obviously.
I agree 1800 honor for a victory is just rediculas i ran it three times and almost had all my honor gear there is no fun in that were's the challenge i much more enjoy actually going out and having to defend or attack tol barad its fun to gank hordies
It amuses me profusely that:

a.) You can obviously tell who took advantage of the exploit. They're going "Ah well, I got my full set of gear, idc if you fix it now".
b.) Almost every post in this thread complaining that it's broken, and the mechanics are garbage, don't give any suggestions on how to fix it. Blizz is totally a company full of mind-readers, am I right? Why not offer suggestions on what you guys have seen that needs repairing, and go from there?
c.) People are complaining that their side will never have TB again, and doing BG's is pointless because it's a 20 game "grind", etc etc etc. If you enjoy PVP, it's not a grind. If your side is organized, and you strategize as a team, then BG's aren't hard. It's the fact that both sides are full of people who fight midfield, don't protect healers, don't focus on flag carriers, don't stay to defend towers, etc, that lose BG's. As long as people still continue to play like idiots, it will continue to be a pain.

I haven't done Tol Barad. I've done Baradin Hold on my old main, and I've had to listen to people complain about how broken it is. However, the fact that people sit here and say there's no intiative to attack / defend? That's moronic. My server has a 9:1 ratio in favor of Alliance, but Horde still goes out there to attack / defend. Having a chance to save Valor points by getting a piece of T11 out of BH is pretty good incentive to me. Having access to extra dailies, in order to get access to 2 mounts? Pretty good incentive to me. To be honest, I haven't done it yet because I've been too busy leveling 80s to 85. As soon as all my toons are 85? You bet I'm hitting that place.

Cataclysm is still relatively new. There are a lot of bugs to work out, and not -everything- can be fixed in the Beta. It's already been shown that they have to make sure that fixing one thing doesn't break a handful of other things (i.e. what happened in Outlands during BC). I hate to be the devil's advocate and all, but you guys have to give them time to see what's wrong, figure out what repercussions it will have, and fix it accordingly. Mistakes happen. Nobody's perfect. We figure them out, we move on, and we learn from them. I'm sure they'll fix it, you guys just have to keep giving them -CONSTRUCTIVE- feedback, so they know wtf is going on.

Logging in and filling the boards with "OMG TB is broken, Blizz, plz fix!" and "Wtf, I don't get free points anymore?" without telling them what you've seen that's busted (preferably without the rage), or giving them suggestions on how to fix it, isn't going to help anything. Be smart.
You may have "fixed" honor point issues, but this area is NOT fun. This is for many of us a huge waste of our time as we can never gain control back. This is NOT fun PvP. No one that I know who plays, even on PvP servers do Tol Barad PvP.....
Sad, but at least I had fun in Wintergrasp.
Sad it is....
01/13/2011 12:00 AMPosted by Paulusii
What a mess this game has become.

It's sad but true. This seems to be how more and more people feel too.

I know on my server, Horde has and will continue to have control of Tol Barad from now until it sinks into the ocean. While I would like the drake, there's NO WAY I'm wasting hours of my life in an unwinnable endeavor. "Let's go participate in something that we're GUARANTEED 100% to fail every....single....time". Not me. You can keep it. It's literally akin to bashing your head against a wall....there's no point to it, and eventually it starts to hurt.
Personally i dont see any reason to do it because you can get more honor from BGs in the time a Tol Barad takes. WG, i mean there were advantages to winning, you got the buff, were open to VoA, and could get the shards.

What is Tol Barad good for now? When you get bored of BGs
01/13/2011 8:58 AMPosted by Prommetheus
What is Tol Barad good for now?

Baradin Hold and commendations for PVE gear and mounts? The amount of days needed for the losing side to accumulate commendations compared to the winning side is absurd.
01/03/2011 1:32 PMPosted by Purdyboy
Blizz came out with something, people hated it, they changed it, it made the problem worse, so they hotfixed it, and people still aren't happy. There is no pleasing you people...

They didn't Hot'fix' it. They hot'changed' it. It's not an improvement. Of course people aren't happy.

The original problem wasn't win trading, which is what this 'fix' is addressing, it's imbalance, which still hasn't been, and may never be, addressed.
Wow, well said my friend. It's so very true, if you dont like "the grind" don't PVP it's a very simple solution to your problem, and yes they will never be happy.

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