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SO what do you do with the toons that are geared now? Did you take it away from them or do the rest of us just have to deal with them? Are the Blizzard employees and there families all geared now??
Personally i think this BG is completely stupid. One huge waste of time because you can never get in on my is always full. So again it is like Wintergrasp...broke from the start, and lame.
You know, I was thinking of possible ways to make things a bit more balanced, and it occured to me, what if the O got a buff when they were sitting in a base they had taken? Something like "Takes X% less damage and deals X% more damage." The perecent changes depending on how many people are currently at that base. This would solve the issue of bases that don't have many people guarding it being zerged back by the D. (Yes, it's basicaly tenacity, but it's still SOMETHING). Also what if the O got a buf for each tower taken down. South = 10% less damage taken, west = 10% damage incress, and east = 10% increased health pool.
I think the best solution would be to simply have the battle be balanced, the Battle is already Instanced correct? how hard would it be to have the ally and horde instances separate and just pair them up with a server that has a closer number of people qued or in Tol Barad? i dont really know how hard this would be to do but think of it as a giant LFG feature so the battles stay balanced... after writing all of that i thought of the big obvious problem with that how would you decide who wins it for each server.... but i am sure some one can come up with a solution for that problem
Great once again I was in the middle of the battle we had 2 bases and was attacking the 3rd when glitch hit, was waiting out rez time screen froze, when it returned I was in Uldum, chat stated I had been removed from party but I was still in the group and best part is I had started in SW... When I tried to get back I couldn't and I was unable to leave the group. Nice Blizz Nice, was it a real GLITCH or was it a Planned Glitch just in case we got close to winning? Hmmmmm? I didn't have the wait time required from a boot from the group either so I am pretty positive it wasn't a player who got stupid and booted me. Blizz FIX the glitch.
Tol Barad sucks.

Well, on stormreaver, alliance, however outnumbered on the server at it may be, seems locked on tol barad, and it doesn't look like we want to ever give it up. It kind of makes the theory that tol barad was meant for the horde look like it may not necessarily be true if you have the right communication in trade channels
pvp grind? unbearable? well if you don't like pvp then don't ??? and thank you for fixing this, what point is there to going to a BG and not being able to pvp...
there is no chance to get more incentive for the attackers force if you are in a realm where Horde or Alliance doesnt play pvp at all. thats mean, the other faction will always win as a defender, and the other faction actually dont even go ro fight.

I think you guys needs to check what realms are more population of each faction and fixed them, like randoms attackers or defense. or getting extra buff like wintergrasp. but seriosly this is not more incentive to play told barad.
the pvp gear grind takes too long. pvp shouldn't be about geargrind, it should be about compelling pvp combat. of course i've been saying this for years so i doubt blizz will listen now.

so now the exploiters have all their gear, but the rest of us do not. sweet.
I'm glad that Blizzard CARES about whether we're actually playing the content they're making for us or if we're just faking it to get our points, and if Fenris is any indication of what the other realms were doing, we were all faking it after that Honor Increace.

However, something really needs to be done about the way TB Works. The mechanics of the place, while not impossible, Place FAR too much pressure on the Offensive Team. Don't get me wrong, TB is awesomely designed: A simple concept that takes a complex strategy to achieve Victory On the Offense. But the Defense isn't nearly as challenging. In Fact, I'll go so far as to say a Defensive group made of people who've never PvP'd before has a better chance of winning that a group of PvP veterans as long as ONE person in that Defensive group knows how to play Ring around the Rosie with the bases.

While offense have to split their attention between Destroying Towers for Extra Time, Capturing Bases, and Defending Captured Territory, Defense simply has to zerg a previously Captured base, then turtle it, then (When the Offense Finally pulls 2/3 of it's group into the Turtled Base) Respawn, Rinse and repeat. The Mechanics of this battleground almost seem to ENCOURAGE them to do this as well: since it's impossible to defeat a Clump of Enemy Players without an Equal Sized or slightly less populated clump of players, the "Base Capture" Squad of our teams always have to consist of the majority of the raid group, leaving our captured Territory to be recaptured by the horde (who will then stream out of their Central Graveyard directly into the next base, and the cycle continues.)

My Suggestion to fix it? Add another way for the Offense to win. Make it so that - in addition to the attacking team being able to capture all 3 bases and win instantly - if the Round Ends with All Three Spires (those Extra-Time Towers that we destroy with the siege machines) Destroyed and the Attacking team controlling 2 out of the 3 bases, the Attacking team wins. This adds an extra challenge to Defense (since they'll have to set aside a few people to actively hunt down Siege Vehicles before they destroy towers) and makes it Easier for the offense.

I know Blizz cares about how their Content is working, they've proven that in the hotfixes they've done so far. I think if we could get some good Suggestions going, perhaps we could get something changed for the better.
Well i went into TB everytime we were attacking and got that honor and within 2 days i was fully PvP geared, and well so is everybody else.
01/19/2011 1:12 PMPosted by Lethalstrike
Well i went into TB everytime we were attacking and got that honor and within 2 days i was fully PvP geared, and well so is everybody else.

Incorrect. You May be, and your friends might be as well, but alot of us got left out simply because the BG was full and ended up not getting much of any Honor for it.
Seriously at least fix the Tol Barad Alliance guards...Getting tired of horde coming in and jumping us, while if we go to the horde area in Tol Barad here we are being attacking by everything
One world for Tol Barad ... FAIL!

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