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I agree, it's total rubbish and now I learn that I missed teh 1800 honor, what a bloody joke ...
You know what would be nice? Keep the 1800 honor in the bg. But that much honor goes to the side that wins. It is a bigger incentive to do TB and both will be trying to win instead of handing it over or purposely losing to get on attacking side. if this is too much honor altogether in the bg nerf it to like 120 honor per team for participation and 1800 bonus honor goes to the team that wins. Now i would fight for tol'barad for that!

01/20/2011 2:34 PMPosted by Undeadlalsur
You know what would be nice? Keep the 1800 honor in the bg. But that much honor goes to the side that wins. It is a bigger incentive to do TB and both will be trying to win instead of handing it over or purposely losing to get on attacking side. if this is too much honor altogether in the bg nerf it to like 120 honor per team for participation and 1800 bonus honor goes to the team that wins. Now i would fight for tol'barad for that!


I'm not sure it you're being serious. It's extremely easy to defend, and as such, winners would be rolling in honor for weeks on end.
These are just bandage solutions and easy inexpensive fixes that don't fix the problem. The problem requires Dev work and user input to change the BG mechanics. Any defender just needs to split in two groups send a scout to ping the RAID 10 on x flag. One of the two groups that is seeing heavy fighting spits off and zergs the light defence. By the time the attackers realize the defence has split off its to late.

In order to counter the duel zerg defence strategy a high level of mobility and communications is needed, beyond what 80 random people have.

It was a nice try but a failed idea. Simply give x points for owning a flag, more than double for 2 and more than triple for 3. Give points for keeping up towers and the most points at the end wins.
No more Nerfs for rogues anymore either
01/22/2011 12:48 PMPosted by Scaredgear
No more Nerfs for rogues anymore either

*Whacks with stick*

Bad paladin! Dont necro threads.
Too bad I never took advantage of this, meh. 1800 honor is allot crazy. No way it should have been this high. Not to say I wouldn't have taken advantage of this had I known about it. lol
01/22/2011 3:41 PMPosted by Jøe
lawls i hearn my pvp gear by bg's but for some reason always get put with worst of the worst when im on horde i get stuck with noob horde's and when im on alliance i get stuck with noob alliance EVERY single bg i get is stupid win like 1 out of 20bg i do all day and its just retarded dont see how its fair for me to get stuck with noobs that dont know the bg. noobs shoud b put with noobs and so on and so on just tired of this crapy bg's i get.

Just a know what every one of those 'noob' alliance battlegrounds has in common?


I mean...maybe you should go back to 'noob speleeng' because your ability to communicate is about that of a cucumber's. Maybe that's why they can't understand your 'pro stratugee' that you no doubt berate them about.
Ight i'm hoping u guys from blizz will read this cause again horde on my server found a way to outpass blizzard bound in tol barad and we have'nt won a single tol barad pvp this week on my server we have 2 of the top world horde pvp guild which kind of make pvp like that intense.

The way Horde does it is by manipulating the Q entry system that u guys design with a flaw lets say TB started with a even 40/40 player what horde are doin right now is leaving the main group and start another one the people that left the main group get replace by people that are waiting in Q then there posting in general chat to leave the main group to get invited in the second group and more people come in then there outnumbering us by twice as much player allowed into tol barad.

We have'nt Won a single time during peak hour on the ally side to be able to do tb raid and horde as been able to exploit this Ugly flaw in ur system and i'm really piss about that i want to do my tol barad raid every week with my guild and u guys made it impossible to do so.

I would sujest to open tol barad raid to both faction til u guys can balance and fix tol barad pvp area. Can't hardly believe that people can abuse the game so easyly and penalise player from an aspect of the game for selfish reason as to idk raid tb raid with there alt or some other scrap i can't think of. having tb 7 days a week is not fun for the other faction and winning tb at 3 am in the morning or past that wont make a guild run possible for anyone. Unless ur guild from australlia or something....

Anyway FIX this plz. and for people reading this it's not QQing it is plain fact and i'm a tired of seeing this game been exploited.
I think it's hilarious that most of the people that are saying thank you for fixing this are from human side. I personally enjoyed it simply because I was tired of retting rolled over on a regular basis because there are more human pvprs than horde. (it seems anyway.) Most of the time horde is outnumbered in many bgs. Maybe it's because alliance has a bunch of kids with ho lives, but I turly enjoyed wopping on alli for a bit. Thank you Blizzard it was fun to give them a taste of their own medicine for once.
To the dranaei crying about losing TB constantly, good!!!!! Now you know what it was like for horde. Thats all I have to say.
Now the problem with Tol Barad is it's all or nothing. More players would do it if it was the side with the majority wins, meaning 2 to 1, instead of 3 to 0.
So basically its tiny bit less hard and u can make that much honor in one warsong gulch or more. This is great!
i think that 1800 is too much, yes. but considering how bloody hard it is to win on offense, i think they could have done better than 360. I'd go for 500, not too much, but perhaps enough of an incentive to want to use some teamwork and win every now and then.
well u must be a kid saying that and didnt understand a single word in my post i'm not complaining that horde cheating to get 3 time more player then we currently have in tol barad even if it's a crazzy piece of carbage i'm complaining about the fact that doin so there exploiting tol barad raid and we can't do it not a single time ally have'nt won a single tol barad pvp battle the last 8 days on my server for exemple i did 90% of the tol barad fight on my druid this saturday and we have'nt won a single one of them every time Q was up i was in there.

It's nothing like WG where people ad tenacity u can cry all u want that ally was over the player cap in there but killing horde that as 200k hp back in wotlk was also a pain in the butt when u where 1v1 trying to defend ur vehicule trying to blow up a tower somewhere far alone in the map. any way wg is long past and gone who really give a damn.

And even so, people back then where capable to do wg raid once a while during the week or weekend. Its not like both side didnt own it every week.

And for ur info Hêlios i use to be a blood elf paly and change ally to join friend on a new server and horde where i came from where op in pvp and didnt have to cheat or use any kind of scheme to win at anything. Even at 15 tenacity in wg we where owning skills mather more then crap player.
So Blizzard, what the hell do you think you were doing? Trying to design something that isn't working perfectly right off the bat and then trying to fix it?!?! Well that isn't going to work for all those clever people who want you to know how they would fix things, given the chance to run a multi-million dollar online game experience. You would be best to take their untested and completely biased opinions (one side or the other) and create something that will pander even more to their desire for an easy victory. Forget all your years of knowledge in the gaming industry, all the think tanks that lay Wow's groundwork, these simpering fools know better because this is what they do for fun... Please excuse all my fellow players for their continuing lack of concern for your creations, they only play so they can #%!!# about it. For those that actually posted useful criticism above, thank you. Blizzard does care, so they will take unbiased criticism about their game and put it to the constructive grindstone. I'd like to say thanks for noticing some of the issues we are experiencing in TB and in dungeons. And thank you for making content challenging again! Thanks for giving us the ability to voice our concerns about the game you designed. Keep up the good work and thanks for trying to fix the squeaky wheels! For the Horde!

P.S. -This will either stir up the hornets nest or get completely squashed as a post, in part, because as human beings we just like to point how much more we know than the other guy!
Having been a programmer forever I know that if the user experience is bad, a great program will frustrate and cause the user to stop using it. Most of what Blizz has given us is great but the battlegrounds seem to be a secondary thought or a necessary evil.

When you have servers that are dominated by factions (either side) it makes the user experience horrible. On our server, the other faction owned WG 99% of the time. That allowed them to get better gear, and quicker so they dominated even more (on all BGs). TB is continuing the same flawed premise...the other faction owns it 90% of the time as they get better gear, and faster. I love BGs but will back away because a quality user experience doesn't seem to be a top priority. I don't like the mantra "You'll lose and you'll enjoy it!". I'll get my dragon at TB and never play it again.

Here are some of the other BG problems.
1. Certain types of players dominate (Pallys, Druids, Mages) and others seem to be there to die (Disc and Holy Priests).
2. PreMades (although some are horrible) end up dominating making it no fun. Being honor farmed for 20 minutes just isn't what I consider fun.
3. There are always AFK players - standing around running macros or following you. Allow for us to kick players off like we can in dungeons (vote or something). Reporting never works - always a way around it.
3. Some battlegrounds are just not as fun...they are the ones that everyone curses when they get qued for them. Some good changes have been made to enhance the experience but aren't quite there yet. Blizz - do a survey - see what your people want.

Hey Blizz...when we are maxed out with honor points what incentive do we have to keep playing? Why not allow us to convert them? I used to buy gems and resell them but don't see that available anymore.

Questing, raids, and dungeons are great...BGs...almost - the potential is there.

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