Atramedes FPS lag.

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Anyone else having an issue with huge FPS drops during this fight? Seems to happen mostly during the big pulse, and Searing Flames. I have a feeling it has something to do with an addon and the Sound Bar, but have no idea which it could be. As soon as I (eventually) die and the sound bar disappears, the drops don't happen anymore.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing it?
I was having massive FPS issues in this fight too. I found out it was my Raid Achievement mod, I disabled it and the fight was smooth as butter.
No, but Nefarian absolutely destroys most of our raiders' FPS when the lightning machine goes off. Not only that but our sound gets choppy, everything chugs, it's messed up. All of us have stellar machines, play max settings and never have issues on anything, but something about that stupid lightning screws us.
01/04/2011 8:54 PMPosted by Lucicilla

WoW is starting to get *very* close to the 2GB RAM cap for 32 bit programs.

I usually sit at 1.75gb used by WoW so I have a feeling we will be getting more instances of stutter/lag/screwups till they either tone things down or officially go 64 bit.

Oh HO. I was wondering why real-time shadows caused !%@# to stutter in wrath.
I found either DXE and/or Recount doing the same thing to me during that encounter.
I'll try without Skada/Overachiever next time we do it. Thought it was something to do with Parrot since it seems to lock up whenever I gain sound, but disabling that in the settings didn't help.
I was having massive FPS issues in this fight too. I found out it was my Raid Achievement mod, I disabled it and the fight was smooth as butter.

:) I was wondering why I could play everything on ultra then on this boss suddenly I was at 5fps. Disabled Raid Achievement and everything was super smooth! Thanks for the tip!
It's definitely an addon causing the fps on that fight. I used to get the same issue on Sindragosa until I disabled ORA2.

I did Artremedes last night with a new customized UI and didn't have any fps problems. My dps was well down though. I think I went overboard with disabling addons, since I was missing spell timers and notifications I'd normally have.

The main differences were I switched from DBM to Bigwigs and Recount/Omen to Skada. Heaps less laggy.

The addons you want to disable or find alternatives for are the noisy ones that actively communicate with the server, or with other player's addons during the fight. This includes boss mods, threat meters, damage meters, gearscore if you use it, ora2, cooldown trackers and others. That means disabling Overachiever wouldn't help your fps but disabling RaidAchievement would.

One of the best addons any raider can use is Addon Control Panel (ACP). This will let you save sets of addon configurations. So at raid time I switch to my "hunter raid" set up, which has every nonessential addon turned off. It's as simple as loading the configuration and clicking the reload ui button.

Definitely run without Recount. I love the analysis Recount gives but not the performance hit. It's better to run without and check WoL after.
Thanks for the replies guys. I was in this fight tonight for the 1st time and I was having horrible lag, like 5 frames per second. And yes I'm using the Raid Achievement add-on, so I'm hoping that's the only one I have to disable.

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