Holy pally aoe questions

how are you guys doing.

I have a few questions on holy pally healing specifically on what steps a holy pally would undertake to heal aoe damage. I'm looking for tips and tricks I suppose. Even though pallies may not have an explicit aoe heal spell, I know for a fact that you guys are handling these situations just fine.

For example Argalon aoe damage, heroic HOO boss aoe phases, situations like that where the group is taking predictable, unavoidable aoe damage. Thanks in advance.
You only have limited AOE healing abilitiy. Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn. Since the 40% nerf to Light of Dawn, it has become a very weak spell, but its still good as a heal on the tank via beacon.

So, Holy Radiance. First off, you want to use it with either Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath or both. Depends on the damage you are healing through. The glory of Holy Radiance is you can continue healing while it is going, so switch to spot healing the most needy players - holy shock, word of glory, holy light and divine light where possible. Hopefully you'll get a few IoL procs in there to help you on your way.

Holy Radiance benefits from haste in the same way dots and hots do. Divine Favor's haste boost will give you a bit of extra healing and increase the chance that individual ticks on players will crit. Avenging wrath will increase the overall size of each tick.



If the damage is heavy but quick, you can use Divine Favor + DL to spam very quick large heals across the most needy players. If you have GANK up, you can hit it and optionally Divine Favor at the same time to put through some truly massive healing (30k+hps) particularly if you have Holy Radiance going at the same time. Be aware though that using all your cooldowns at once will leave your healing vulnerable if there is another damage phase within 2 minutes.

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