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Everytime i go to log into WoW it lets me put in my password but after i put in the authenticator, it says unable to connect please contact blizzard if the problem persists. My other account can log in just fine but this one cant. i have internet connection and everything, i just played late last night. What do i do? please help!

i am also having that problem, not sure what caused it
I just started getting it as well. I was *just* in-game, and got DC'ed while alt-tab flying (dumb of me, I know).
I too am having this problem but only on the account with authenticator.

Code login works fine for forums and Battle.net but not letting me in wow

mine says unable to cennect please try again later whats going on?
I did the same as defenestasz =/
same here unable to connect wtf
same problem, cant log in exact same message given
same prob =(
im having same problem
I am also Unable to Connect. traceroute looks good as per knowledgebase instructions, tried release/renew...

situation started over an hour ago.
Same issue here.

Followed your trace route procedure, and I'm good on that end.

Am able to view forums, use my VoIP software, and internet calling, just no WoW.
Also having the problem.
Same here.
I, too, am having the exact same issue. I was playing about 30 minutes ago; logged out to do some errands, and now I am unable to log back in. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person with this issue, but hope a solution is found soon!
Also having same issue. I tried to log in and it asked for realm (whihc is weird) but I thought "OK" selected Moonrunner and it went to a black character screen. I waited awhile before hitting cancel to try again. Then when I went to get back on; it says, "Unable to connect at this tme, please try again later." Followed by if problem persists; go to [http://us.blizzard.com/support/indexxml?gameld==11&rootCategoryld=2316]

Sooo yeah. On hold now waiting on blizz. Tried on my fiancees computer and it also would not work but he can get onto his account fine... Yay holiday weekend. =*(
Having same issue. My boyfriend is sitting right next to me and he can log in and play. Not sure what the problem is. I did what the error message said and went the the website it provided. I flushed, released and renewed my ip and still nothing.
Same with me. Was on my one account went to switch to the other wouldn't connect! Restarted and still nothing. Got in once and got dc'd again.

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