Level 60 elemental shaman set?

I level using pvp most of the time, and would like to play as elemental, but the only pvp set to buy here is geared towards enhancement shaman. Am I missing something or is this just how it is?
That basically is how it is. Enhancement got the PvP set while elemental got the PvE sets. Back in the day, you could use PvP gear to PvE and PvE to PvP since Resil was non-existent. Some of the stats on the PvP gear does have some ele stats, so at least getting those would be fine or you could get the blue PvP set. It's not as great, but it all has Elemental stats, besides the 20 agi set bonus of course.
thank you so much i was like wtf this enhancement gear but its to late i decided to buy it and now only got two honour points left
Not to belabour the point, but back in the day you could raid as resto, or pvp as elemental with a few specific pieces of elemental gear you picked up in raids, or be super fragile and bursty as enhance with the bis pvp gear, which to acquire required you to slog through months and months of getting wrecked by good classes.

So yeah, it's pretty much only enhance gear from honor at that level. Sowwy :(
I lvl in pvp gear also and i havee no idea where to get pve gear can anyone help me !

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