[H]Indef 10s 2/7 H FL WTB Hunter/Mage!

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Omg Hot
Bump for the double V :D. gogogo
Bumpity ump, looking for a superb Marks Hunter for our core team!!
bump for nef one shots yay
04/28/2011 05:54 PMPosted by Valdez
bump for nef one shots yay

Gday mate
Bara leave scrub guild and come raid with us kthx!

also hey man
Thanks for the bump Bara, but that whole balding, cross-eyed human thing is freaking me out <3

BAMP! We're looking for one fantastic Marks Hunter to fill a core spot with all the bells and whistles. We're also looking for casual ranged dps and healers who want a friendly community to hang out in in addition to occasional raids, gearing is not an issue, just bring your skill! We offer a mature environment, perfect for young professionals/parents/couples who want to raid on a set schedule while keeping WoW in balance with Real Life.
Bump for Defender of a Shattered World titles and Al'Akir! Grats on awesomely consistent performances and quick learning after our break! We're now looking for a great healer to join our core team for two nights a week of efficient, awesomely fun raiding! We're also looking for a healy and dps casual to join our team for a few nights of fun a month! Gear isn't an issue, just bring your skill!

Also, grats to Kortic and Amon for getting 5th and 10th for Al'Akir DPS on World of Logs! Awesome job guys <3
I got parried to much =(
Bamp! Still looking for a special healbot with a heart of gold and mad skills. We want to bake you pies and shower you with dead boss corpses <3
you had me at pie....then lost me at corpses....
Bump for heroic Halfus dead in under an hour of attempts!

bump for Meth and Sarothe <3
Bump for needing a core resto shammy
Still in search of a resto shaman or other superb healer! We have cookies!
Bumpity! Still on a quest to find a kickass healer for our core 10s! Please help us get this one out of our quest logs <3
Bump for 2 new HM's down tonight, Magmaw and Chimaeron (2nd attempt, woot), despite horrible lag issues plus an unexpected bonus achievatron!

Yay for hardmodes

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