[H]Indef 10s 2/7 H FL WTB Hunter/Mage!

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gw on the HM's dudettes. keep kicking ass!
Bump for being Slayers of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions!
Gogo keep up the progression! More decent Aussie guilds FTW!
Just because I'm logged in and paying attention. Thanks Ima!
We're now seeking one super duper Non-DK Tank to join our core roster. There's no "I" in team, but there is a "T" for tank! Come chat to Velly or Valdez about the position!
Scratch the above! Due to our awesome feral drood offering to tank we're now looking for a fabulous Mage or Hunter with great CC skills :) Drop Velly or Valdez a line or check our www.indef.guildlaunch.com !
Still looking for a lovely Mage or Hunter to join our core team for great folks, giggles and gear!
Bump for good players and nice people (such a rare combo) go go your firelands kills.
Thanks Raven ^^ Hope all is well <3
All would have been well if valdez didnt pip me by 1500 dps on shannox last night. Hes so overpowered :)
Man, you're telling me. You should have seen him tonight on Baleroc, his sustained DPS was so wrong there was nothing right about it. Too bad we wiped while I giggled at him pitilessly.
Bumpity bump, we at Indef thoroughly enjoy killing horrible pre-nerf RNG based content!
Bump for fiery victory!
Hooray for smooshing Majordomo!
Bamp for Ragnaros! Grats to Val, Laynie and Sarothe on awesome loots!
Bamp! Sadface for our Resto Shaman hanging up her raiding boots :( We will miss her. Looking for a new Resto Shaman to fill some big shoes!
In an attempt to be more flexible, we've updated our recruitment to include Holy/Disc Priests to fill our open healer spot :) We know lovely, skilled healy-folks are out there on AT!
Still searching for a kickass resto shaman / holy or disc priest to join our team. We have cookies...and possibly chocolate puddings if you're really awesome ^^
After a few roster shuffles and main changes, we're back and ready to smash the rest of the HMs before Patch 4.3! Sadly, our Hunter had to hang up his raiding shoes for awhile, so we're seeking a capable, friendly and competitive Hunter or Mage to join us at Indef. Give us a looksie at www.indef.guildlaunch.com if you're looking for fellow committed folks who want to work hard and play harder for 6 hours per week <3
We're off to see a wizard on Saurfang, and we're also turning into the ugly faction. No, I'm not talking about humans, Lok'tar!

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