Spell Penetration Cap for pvp?

simple. How much spell penetration do you need so a level 85 cant resist cyclones etc..
I have mine gemmed right now to give me 100 spell pen (MoTW and Kings give 97 resists), and I have yet to see a resist, but I do a lot of BG's/TB so, take it as you will. I'm going to get the cloak which gives 178pen so I can better use my gems. That should be well over the cap for the majority of players, and if you want to be safe, you can use the spell pen cloak enchant. That should be more than enough to cover any scenario.
It all depends.

Motw/kigns = 97
Shaman Totem/hunter Aura = 195 Nature
Mage + Above class (With mage armor on) = 240 resist
Get the Spell Pen cloak and be done with it. Gemming spell pen is a huge waste as you lose int.
I'm shooting for 100 sp.

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