Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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Awesome work!
01/02/2011 4:38 PMPosted by Ragnaorc
My wife and I have been playing World of Warcraft for nearly five years now, and we decided to remodel our bathroom following something of a HORDE motif. I'm not exactly sure where I should have posted this, so I decided to put it here. Both my wife and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (and yes, we did ALL the work--nothing was contracted) :)

PS--We actually met on Diablo's Battlenet back in 1997. Keep up the good work, Blizzard!! looks like it required a lot of hard work to accomplish, so well done. It just strikes me as being a But then again, it is your house, money, and prerogative so if that is what you are into then go for it! :D
Very impressed. I am sure Thrall is pleased with your work.

That is really awesome. :-) I wish I had the guts to decorate like that!
Brb going to drop a deuce in the OP's new bathroom
I enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing on the forums.

The photos tell me that it's not just a house to you and your family, but a HOME. Some people just don't get the difference, and they never will.

01/06/2011 9:21 PMPosted by Pastordex
How about red lighting over the shower so the water looks like blood?

Haha, brings new meaning to the words "Blood and Thunder!"

Great job, guys! I love it when people make their home their own :p
You used Kohler fixtures. Enjoy your super-expensive repairs every 6-10 months.

I hope your ability at remodeling exceeds your ability to recognize fixtures; it's a Price-Pfister faucet.

Thanks, everyone else, for your continued kind words; you're right, we DID make the place uniquely our own--it's our home, and we were thrilled when the finished product came out as we had envisioned it would.

Make it a terrific day!!
Wow, that's pretty cool!

Did you hand construct the Horde insignia?

Btw, I'd totally poo in there. And I'd love it. =D
I am impressed, good work!
Thats an amazing job you and your wife did there, I would totally kill my husband if he did it to our bathroom :) But I love how you have used one of your hobbies to really make your house a home. As for resale value, I mean, who cares? It's YOUR HOME!! If you are going to buy a home and keep it the way it is, 'just incase' you sell, well it would never be a home! I think it looks fantastic. Bravo! For the Horde!
Dragon's head lighting fixtures.... $27
Gargoyle statue... $18
Sword and Shield... $219

Accepting who you are... priceless!
Grats on a lot of hard work completed and following through with your vision! Lok'tar ogar!
That is beautiful.
You guys did an awesome job!!! The detailing really made the difference, and gives it a very medieval appearance but tastefully done. Kudos!!!
Wow! Awesome!

You and your wife are very talented!

I want my bedroom like Silvermoon..
All I can say is wow!.. I can certainly appreciate the amount of work and talent that was put into designing your bathroom.

pretty good job there, dude.

original and well done.


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