Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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Woahhhh. I like everything but the bird. great job! :P

I'd love to see what you do for a horde-medieval themed bedroom as well - the stonework is something my husband and I are planning when we buy a house :)
That is AWESOME!

That's a nice looking bathroom. Very well done.
01/11/2011 10:51 AMPosted by Ayo
Dragon's head lighting fixtures.... $27
Gargoyle statue... $18
Sword and Shield... $219

Accepting who you are... priceless!

Bravo to my folks, the coolest nerds in the universe!! For the Horde!!!
You guys deserve Realm First! First bathroom remodel to actually lower home value!

But it looks pretty great :)
Loctar Agar! That looks very cool. You guys did amazing work on that horde oriented bathroom.

I guess I should post my kitchen and bedroom?

Bedroom is inspired by Icecrown, and kitchen is... well, let's just say that there's a reason why it's called the Icecrown Bar and Grill. Can you tell what I like? :p
01/11/2011 3:06 PMPosted by Eiorwryn
I guess I should post my kitchen and bedroom?

By all means, do so!! I, for one, would LOVE to see what you've come up with!!
... you know you play too much wow when...

Nice work.

To everyone talking about lower resale value from my personal experience, every time I've dealt with a house sale the general consensus of the agent in charge is to strip everything down to bare minimum and do a quick remodel in materials based on the average of the neighborhood. So it is never a problem to do what you want to your home. You're going to need to remodel a bit before you resell it anyways.
i would love to bless your bathroom by taking a dump there.
This bathroom WINS.
Well - MANY people have stated this will LOWER YOUR HOMES VALUE!

To that I say

1. Installing that 500 Gazillion watt stereo with 4x 15" Woofers in your car lowers the value as well...

But... what is life... if we do not live it OUR way?

Just be like Sid V. and sing "I DID IT MYYYYYYY WAAYYYYYYYY" !!!

NOTE: That bathroom freakin rocks ! I would LOVE to have an ENTIRE HOUSE done like that - even kitchen !
Haha, that is one awesome bathroom. Well done the both of you!
i'm impressed. that's pretty sweet. nice job guys
wow you actually did a great job. Very nice work with the tiles (musta been hard hehe)

Someone needs to do an Alliance style bathroom: winner - gets to take an epic bio.
And we wonder why people think we're obsessive nerds.

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