Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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We couldn't find a Horde plaque, so we went with the shield.
01/02/2011 4:46 PMPosted by Megrathea
No offense, but it doesn't really scream Horde to me, I get way more of a Dungeons and Dragons vibe.

That, sir, is actually quite awesome.

I don't think anyone that plays alliance would feel safe after seeing your bathroom.
A part of me just fell in love with you two.
01/02/2011 4:43 PMPosted by Steveson
Wow that's awesome.
That's some serious faction pride right there.

Kinda scary actually. >.>

Wow awesome!
Great job :D
that is pretty freaking cool
01/02/2011 4:47 PMPosted by Kellorkleft
No plaque of the Horde insignia?

Second page of pictures. It's there.
That's... kind of cool.
It feels more medieval dungeon castle bathroom than anything Horde. The only thing Horde-esque is the shield, and that's only because the symbol is right on it, and the ceiling, maybe.

You wanna throw a party now? I'll bring some kungaloosh

EDIT: To anyone who isnt getting the horde vibe, look at the page 2 picks. I was confused at first, wondering how the red toilet made it more horde, then i noticed there is a second page, and the roof + insignia + troll pot + skull shelf made it feel way hordier
I expected a fire pit.
When are you doing the bedroom ? id be more interested in seeing that :) but nice work looks good
*Slow clap*

Ah, screw the slow clap!

*Fast clap*

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