Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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Oooh, that is awesome! :D

Kudos to you guys! ^___^

01/14/2011 1:38 AMPosted by Gravemourn
Doesn't scream "Horde" to me. I guess I was expecting rotting carcasses and a giant Horde emblem stuck on the wall.

It's a bathroom, not a slaughterhouse. lol
01/03/2011 12:27 AMPosted by Airc

Only on mexican food night..Awesome job, very very creative!!
Thanks, gang!! You're making us feel great about both our project and our choice to share it with our friends and fellow gamers.

If we've inspired you at all, then be brave and go for it!! You can do a whole lot of remodeling without spending a lot of money--many times it takes more creativity than cash. Have fun and remember to Sieze the Day!!
Wicked nice work. Kudos to you guys and your excellent choice of decorum. You might want to make another bathroom for number 2...and go with an appropriate alliance theme.
I would feel like the Dragons were judging me everytime I went to the bathroom to pee. Cool job though! :-)
thats cool
That bathroom looks awesome.

Curious as to why that post would be reported, though.

Reported for awesomeness?
Just finished looking at your pics, someone actually linked in on facebook. It looks amazing! Only maybe you should put a framed photo of Thrall above the 'throne'? LOL Again, great work!
Way to go! Kudos to ya two. Don't listen to the naysayers!

Bedroom, next? Perhaps the entire house? haha
I would say you´re crazy, but if it was my bathroom I would be proud of it hehe

great job.
Awesome! :D Way to represent!
I would have put the horde symbol on the toilet seat, but thats just me!
otherwise, great job!
Congrats, you %#@@ in a dungeon.
Amazing lol, what happens when one of starts to like the alliance? :D}-{
..20 years later...

"Yeah, sure man I can sell this house for you. Hell, it looks like you're going to make a fortune!"

"Alright, nice!"

"There's just one more thing I need to see... How big are your bathrooms?"

"Uhh... do you really need to see them?"

"Of course! They're right through here right? OK... Let's see- OH MY GOD?!?!?"

Lmao I just had that scene play over in my head, can't stop laughing!
Haha, I absolutely love it! :)

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