Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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01/28/2012 12:24 PMPosted by Aliceta
That's kind of...sad...

Having a great spouse who you share a common interest with and spending fun, quality time with them while also improving your home is totally sad.

Now remodel your bedroom, goblin style!
Holy Necro!
"I see red when I'm peeing, should I go to the doctor?"
This is from over a year ago....
Looks more like DnD or Gaunlet themed to me.
I love it!
All I could do was facepalm as I clicked through that.
You should name it Thrall's throne room. Next job to do is to tear apart the bedroom and recreate "gallywix's pleasure palace".
Thats pretty cool
This shows why Horde > Alliance. Good job sir/m'am.

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