Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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Wow D:! great work!
*hands down
Too tame to be Horde.
01/02/2011 5:07 PMPosted by Kyris is cool, and all. and i like the style..

but what in gods name possessed you to REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM AFTER A VIDEOGAME!

Some people dress up rooms based on sports teams, etc.

This is no different.
Hahaha that's so bizarre and amazing
I will come to your house, break in and poo in that bathroom.
And there is nothing you can do about it.

P.S. You will know it was me cause I will leave an alliance victory banner on the top of the toilet.
I really am jealous of you, OP. I wish my bathroom was a epic as yours. :(
01/02/2011 5:11 PMPosted by Herethebeef
ya.......sorry. Thats not very "hordey" . and its only kinda sorta dungeons and dragonsy.

To be fair, I got a bit of a forsaken vibe from it. Though I did expect the toilet seat cover to have the horde symbol on it (I never saw a pic with the seat down so...?).
01/02/2011 4:48 PMPosted by Dravion
I would feel honored if I had the opportunity to poo in there.

this ^
Cool ^_^
Amazingly artistic but my inner real estate agent is gasping with horror at the thought of resale!

It really is awesome, though; my kids would drool buckets and beg for one. Well done!
Beats the outhouse that Orkus was in lol.
Wow...I'm alliance and that's AWESOME.

That being said...I have an X-Men bathroom. I'm 40. I do have a 9 year old...but he isn't into it so his bathroom is SpongeBob. ::sigh::
hmm, I just figured out my next bathroom project....Forsaken!
Cause when I'm grasping a roll of toilet paper and squeezing for all I've got, the first thing I think of is "For the horde!!" :P

But seriously, grats! Thats awesome. I wanna do something similar to that with my office. But I don't want it all warcraft-y, I want it to have a general PC gamer theme.
01/02/2011 4:44 PMPosted by Shadue
There goes the resale value of your house...

Why buy a house and model it for other people's interest? So stupid. In real estate, your best bet is to leave it plain with a few essentials (granite/concrete slab countertops, etc etc) anyway.

Your bathroom is awesome, man. Wish my gf would let me do that.
This right here is proof to my wife that I'm not a real addict.. THANKYOU!!!!!

She loves the floor and the ceiling BTW =)

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