Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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A throne fit for Thrall's...
Hahaha, awesome. =D Now I want to decorate my bathroom based on ICC's Lich King encounter. Wouldn't mind having my own frozen throne. =P

And for crying out loud people... stop whining about resale value. Anyone who dictates his personal space around what other people think is truly a pathetic and shallow person indeed. When it comes time to sell, there's nothing a quick coat of paint and bit of refinishing can't change anyway.

Cause when I'm grasping a roll of toilet paper and squeezing for all I've got, the first thing I think of is "For the horde!!" :P

Doesn't look anything Horde related. But it does look great.
I just envisioned myself upper decking the horde toilet.
That bathroom is fit for Thrall....nay....Grom Hellscream .
Awesome job.My wife looked at me and simply said "don't get any ideas"

Would love to see a Lich King themed bathroom.
01/02/2011 4:46 PMPosted by Megrathea
No offense, but it doesn't really scream Horde to me, I get way more of a Dungeons and Dragons vibe.

I thought the same thing. Regardless, it looks cool.
Awesome! I would be afraid to use the toilet, some forsaken might crawl out of it!
Really neat!

Expect me at the door looking to take a shower! :3
that is an awesome bathroom
Nice! Only question I have is what's up with the red seat? Is that a proper Orc Throne?
You guys win. That's awesome. :)
01/02/2011 6:54 PMPosted by Elbiw
I just envisioned myself upper decking the horde toilet.

As did I

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