Here's our finished HORDE bathroom remodel!!

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For the Alliance!
Clearly a responsible use of personal finances. Hope you don't ever plan on selling your house.
mmm doesn't really say wow to me honestly, looks more like a d&d bathroom
Nice. Now come paint some stone on my living room walls?
Do you get rest bonus sitting in there?
I like it. I know that's a lot of hard work too. It still looks like a mature person's bathroom.
For the *Flush!
Nice job!!
That's pretty awesome. And lol @ all the people saying it lowers the resale value of the house. Um no, the roof collapsing lowers a house's resale value. This is something that could be easily changed if the new owners wanted to...if the current owners even wanted to sell, which they clearly don't or they wouldn't be remodeling their house.
01/03/2011 3:22 PMPosted by Syllai
My wife and I have been playing World of Warcraft for nearly five years now, and we decided to remodel our bathroom following something of a HORDE motif. I'm not exactly sure where I should have posted this, so I decided to put it here. Both my wife and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (and yes, we did ALL the work--nothing was contracted) :)

PS--We actually met on Diablo's Battlenet back in 1997. Keep up the good work, Blizzard!!

Wow! That's very cool! Good job and thanks for sharing! Can you make a Forsaken basement next???

Our basement already looks pretty Forsaken. . . . ;-)
That detailing is some excellent work. Nice job.
looks Great you're wife is a very talenter person.

i would be proud to take a shyt in there!
I don't even...
While I do think you two did a nice job in creating your bathroom, I must say... I hope you never have to sell your house. Good luck when that day comes.

I actually like it when I walk into a house with rooms like this because A) I know that I can fix it myself for not much money and B) I know that I can probably get a good deal because it would turn off so many other buyers.
It's very well done, doesn't really scream horde to me though, I get more of a medieval feel to it.

Love the lamps.

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