Help with a shaman weapon buff macro.

UI and Macro
So I'm currently trying to set up a macro so I can switch frostbrand and flametongue quickly as needed in PvP i'm using these macro's.
/cast Flametongue Weapon
/use 17

And the same for frostbrand, however, the use 17 doesn't seem to do anything as if both weapons are buffed it always casts frostbrand on my mainhand. Is there a different macro I could use that will make it not do that?
I'm not sure you can do Shaman weapon buffs that way, that looks like a modified Rogue Poison macro but Rogue poisons work differently.
Yes you cannot do this with shaman. I think the spell works like this:

If mainhand not enchanted, apply to mainhand
If offhand not enchanted, apply to offhand
If same buff already on a weapon, reapply to one with shortest duration
Apply to mainhand

So if you want to apply a specific buff to mainhand and a different one to offhand, and you have no buffs applied, you can do:
/castsequence Mainhandenchant, Offhandenchant

I use this macro as enhance:
/castsequence reset=10 Flametongue Weapon, Flametongue Weapon, Windfury Weapon, Riptide

This just makes sure that it never enchants my offhand with windfury

If you want to change your offhand enchant while you already have your mainhand enchanted, you have to click off your offhand buff. ATM I don't think there's any way to cancel your offhand buff with a macro, so you're out of luck.
/cast [@none] Flametongue Weapon will highlight your cursor, allowing you to click the desired weapon.
/use 16 = main hand 17 = off hand
A window will pop up asking to confirm replacing old weapon enchant
/click StaticPopup1Button1 will automatically accept
Pallyguy's absolutely right, this works fabulously. Made 2 of them, one for Windfury MH and one for Flametongue OH and my Enh shammy is ready to roll, and I don't have to worry about getting the wrong cast on the wrong weapon anymore. Great job, and thanks!
/castsequence [nomodifier] reset=5 Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon; [modifier:alt] reset=5 Windfury Weapon, Frostbrand Weapon;
/castsequence reset=5 16, 17;

This is the macro i use for my shammy. You can just switch out the modifier and the buffs and it works fine. 2 clicks to get both buffs. I couldn't get it to replace buffs that were already up so it only works if u have no buffs onI made it by editing a macro i found on the site below.
Pallyguy you are a freakin genius.

using your logic i came up with this. it works perfectly, even with an already active buff.
#showtooltip [nomod] Frostbrand Weapon; [mod] Flametongue Weapon
/cast [button:1, @none] Frostbrand Weapon; [button:2, @none] Flametongue Weapon
/use 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

and you still have 71 extra characters to play around with if you really want to :p

basically regular click to buff with frostbrand right click to go to flametongue
with these two macros, have no risk to put the spell in the wrong macro ;)

/cast [@none] Windfury Weapon
/click StaticPopup1Button1

/cast [@none, nomod] Frostbrand Weapon
/use [nomod]17
/click [nomod] StaticPopup1Button1
/cast [@none, mod:shift] Flametongue Weapon
/use [mod:shift]17
/click [mod:shift] StaticPopup1Button1
Won't let me post on my main... Anyway I use FlyoutButton Custom, which lets me make flyout menus like the ones that totems and weapon imbues have, so I replaced the weapon imbues one with macros I made that look like this:

/cast [@none] Flametongue Weapon
/use [btn:1] 16; 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Of course swap Flametongue in there for each of the imbues, and you have the whole list. Left click applies MH, right click applies OH.

On my actionbar itself I have my main macro for PvE, which looks like:

/cast [@none,btn:1] Windfury Weapon; [@none] Flametongue Weapon
/use [btn:1] 16; 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Works like a charm, and it's relatively short. Best part is no worrying about modifiers. Just click left for Windfury on your MH, click right for Flametongue on your OH, regardless of existing buffs.
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Won't let me post on my main...

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