ICC 25 mount/shadowmourne runs.

Area 52
Greetings all and Happy New year,

I will be starting an ICC 25 group whos goal will be getting players their mounts and possibly shadowmournes and eventually a light of dawn title for players that stay dedicated to the group. I am in need of everything meaning dps tanks and heals. Your requirement will be at least a 10m LK kill achievement and level 85 at least heroic geared. The first fragments are already up for grabs so if you join with the intent of getting a shadowmourne if you stay dedicated to the group I will run it to get shards as long as a majority of players remain interested.

The Plan
I will be doing it in regular the first few weeks till the group gets used to running together then move onto Heroic Modes. ICC still has mechanics that can wipe a group (DEFILE) and make the night of easy face roll fun just the opposite. The sooner you contact me in game through mail, whisper, or streaking around org yelling my name the sooner I can secure you a spot. Raid times are 8-11 Server time Saturdays. If it is moved everyone that shows interest in staying in the group will be notified. We will not sell spots or gear or ANYTHING. Everything will be based on performance.

Shadowmourne quest line
It goes as follows for fragment procurement through the group. Seniority Seniority Seniority!!!! Upon joining the group with the intent on getting shadowmourne don't expect to get fragments in front of someone that has been running with us longer. We will be doing attunements to enable player's their fragments throughout the weeks. We will not wipe due to a fail infusion unless decided by the core group running the raid.

The Loot
OMG PHAT EPIX!!! This is not the intent of the run. The run is for achievements mounts and titles and lots of fun with the occasional dirty joke and that’s what she said. If you want tier speak up and we will do what we can. The only 2 pieces of loot that are going to be worried about are shadowmourne fragments and (when it happens) the mount that drops from Lich King heroic 25. Shadowmourne has been explained and now for that mount/feat of strength. The core group of raiders hosting the run will be the ones to roll on this extremely rare mount.

Doing your part
We understand that from 80-85 the jump is significant in difficulty. This does not mean we will carry players. If your heals are lacking/dps isn’t where it should be and this is proven over and over through fights that are friendly to your class you will be replaced. For those going for shadowmourne we expect you to know how to play your class and play it well.
Occasional jokes? Oh my.
Are these runs still going? Not interested in the weapon, but the title and a few pieces of gear i missed would be nice.
I have the same question - are these still going?

If so - please send me an in-game-mail, or PST me when I'm on, with info. I'm interested in mount/title in particular.
I am interested with getting shadowmourne if these runs are still going on. please send an in game mail or reply here. thank you
I'm in. Plenty of HM xp back in the day. Currently heroic geared, should be cata raid geared in about a week.
Same here, I'm very interested in helping out. Please send me in game mail. :)
How the hell do people find these threads..........? it was 7 months old.

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