Marksmen= Diet-vanilla-ricecake-lite flavor


This is just for some small proof here are the three attacks of the Marks Hunter.. notice anything similar..

Show me another spec that has 3 attacks that not only have near the same formula, but have no other effect?

If you lump these in with our 8 second duration haste buff, the 10% attack power buff, and the rotation game changer that is the Master Marksmen talent and you got yourself a solid spec there buddy...

Hey at least we have the unique ability to keep serpent sting up on our targets indef... oh wait, nevermind....

I love Cataclysm, and I'm playin the snot out of it. I will play a sub optimal spec if its interesting and fun, because i know that the numbers can always be tweaked, but it seems to me that Marks may need more than a few numbers tweaked

Gotta be careful with the buffs. Nobody wants hunters killing mages and warlocks, that will cause too much upset.
It's not about how much damage its doing, its about how the damage is done. and to put it bluntly, We have button 1 with a cast time, button 2 instant, button 3 sometimes cast but mostly a slow lead up to another instant, and button 4 the instant version of cobra shot with a cooldown.

Gold star if you know which attack is which
To be sure, i don't expect sweeping changes to happen in a hotfix, or small patch. But it would be nice to get any kind of feedback on our forums that at least someone is taking note..

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